Time killing News Channels

Twenty four news channels have made new mark in news media. Earlier all news channels used to keep half an hour time for news and everyone liked to watch such news even few made a habit to reach their house early to watch news. The news was read by the news readers in a balanced way without any exaggeration. Now the television has reached to the remote parts and the Direct-To-Home (DTH) service provides hassle free service without getting lost in the wiring issues. To cater the needs of different kinds of viewers separate dedicated channels are started only to telecast news, songs, movies, serials, spiritual speeches and comedy scenes. In each category many channels are being telecasted any time you switch on such channels based on their specialization. Channels telecasting songs, movies and comedy scenes will get loads of stuff as there are many resources for that but the challenge is for news channels to telecast news all the time.

Any happenings or events in the different regions will be collected and read by the news readers was the usual way. A recent trend has started in which the news readers will make a phone call to the reporter at the place of incident and asks him or her to give information about the happenings at that place. News readers will read or tell about the incident first and later the reporter from the place will start the matter from the beginning killing time. A news or matter which can be read in five minutes will be expanded to fifteen minutes in the challenge of giving twenty four hour news.

To make news channels to be active all the time, reporters work meticulously to get even the minute news and project it as breaking news. The reporters can report directly from the place of incident using modern equipment and techniques. Reporting from the place of incident helped terrorists to a great extent to know the happenings around them during the attack on Mumbai. Terrorists constantly watched different news channels and updated about the strategy of police and national security guards about the operation. In the operation, NSG commandos disconnected the cable lines with an hope that terrorists will not get updates, but the techno-geek terrorists used their branded Black Berry handsets to access news channels. This is an example how the information over flow or stress on a particular event misused. Am not blaming any particular news channel, all have their share.

A worst thing which we can witness recently is reporting from a place of death. When an elderly figure or famous personality passes away, the reporters stand by the people near the place of death and asks their opinion about the death! What opinion or an answer a friend or well wisher of a dead person can give to the question? The responsibility on media will be more as millions of people watch it at a time. Understanding the responsibility, telecasting the programs is the way news channels should follow rather than killing time in the name of twenty four news channels.


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