Internet Games and Violence

Videogames and computer games have changed the way of our imagination about games. Outdoor and Indoor games (such as Carom, Chess etc.,) saw a drastic down in the statistical curves. Hand held video game operated with battery cells was very much popular and slowly it was taken over by TV Video games. TV Video games gained popularity as it had an opportunity for multiple – players, change is inevitable and now the turn is for Game Box and computer games. Game box or play stations are costlier and not yet reached the masses at large. Computer games reached to places wherever computer has reached. There will be few in built games and a few easily downloadable from internet with an offer of free periodic updates.

Being accessible to computers, children are attracted towards computer games. Any cyber center we visit will have minimum of five or six children playing video games, even at home we can notice that if there are any kids. In the midst of increasing creativity and popularity game developers have added Artificial Intelligence component to the games making them more interactive and challenging. Most of the games will have shooting at the birds, animals or soldiers. Games including soldiers will also include weapons, bombs and shooting. A player (a kid) has to shoot at the soldier in the game using weapons like gun or by throwing bombs thinking the soldier is an enemy. This will definitely increase the pressure on young minds forcefully making them to take decisions within fractions of second and also increase tendency of kids towards violence.

Few months back a shot out at a popular school in Delhi taking life of a fellow classmate was inspired by an internet game. In the game, child was playing regularly with a hallucination that he is a hero and can kill anyone. With that thinking he took life of a classmate hardly thirteen years ld. Playing such games creates an unhealthy condition in kids making them to believe, they can kill anyone and doesn’t bother to cultivate human values and ethics. If the same internet addicted game generation grows up, we can’t predict what kind of citizens will be prepared out of it. Slowly the humane feelings of love, care and help are disappearing among kids as we are living in divided family system along with that if unhealthy internet games get in to the hands of such kids it will be complete devastation.

Like any other inventions, video games and computer games are also wonderful creations of science using which children’s interest towards science can be encourages. For children who stand behind in learning, computer games are a boon as they can learn quickly using games. Video games and computer games should be properly designed as we are giving it in the hands of would-be citizens (kids)


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