Opting blogspot or blogger.com over the other blogging platforms

Many blogging platforms are available on the blogosphere each having its own unique technique of attracting publishers. Few attract sharing full revenue with the publishers, with condition of sharing revenue generated, helping in getting approved AdSense accounts easily and many more. Blogosphere is no way inferior to our super bazaars attracting customers with a slogan of huge savings on monthly budget or best price in market.

In this post I try to list few points on the benefits of choosing blogspot as the blogging platform -
  • Blogspot allows a blogging account to have 100 posts
  • Blogspot has no limitation on number of posts on each blog
  • Provides 1GB of photo uploading shared with Picasa (More requirement can be easily met by purchasing extra memory)
  • No limitation on number of comments a post can get
  • Can own a domain name without spending much from Google shopping and free hosting service even after purchasing custom domain name
  • No loss in traffic even after switching to custom domain name
  • Provides easy tools and widgets to create feeds (subscription), statistics counter, share the posts with friends on facebook ,twitter or google +1 and many more
  • Ease of design of blog as per blogger requirement by drag and drop options
  • Easy to monetize and to add third party advertisements
  • Ease with including any HTML or JavaScript
  • Recent addition is of having the favicon of blogger's choice
  • Easy to get indexed in the Google Search Engine ranking
  • No percentage of revenue sharing with the blogspot in the bloggers earnings from their blogs
  • Most important is, little technical knowledge is enough to use blogspot

List is endless and the blogspot is the best blogging platform to start with. Anyone interested in blogging can start writing blogs using blogspot, something is better than nothing.

Happy Blogging with blogspot or blogger platform


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