Blogging is also like an investment

Investment can be done in any sector, let it be real estate or petroleum products. Investment give returns only if we invest wisely in good companies and also depends on the period of investment. One of popular investment Guru said ‘Chances of earning more investment increases as early as you invest.’ This can be applied to any field whether it is starting a firm or gaining knowledge. Those who invest first or start first will get more benefits than others. Initially those invested in Infosys are now having share value worth a million.

Blogging can also be viewed as an investment. A balanced investment including all sectors gives more fruits than investing in single sector. Blogging on various topics attracts more people to a website than to a niche topic website. Niche topic only attracts people who want to go more deeply into the matter and many readers don’t like blog sites on only specific sectors.

It is best to start blogging as soon as the thinking about it grows in our mind than waiting for auspicious time to come. If we wait the auspicious time will never come and the capacity of making all the time auspicious rests with us. Early bloggers have huge traffic to their websites than the ones started two or years back. Early in the field is more likely to get more benefits, if anyone plans and starts blogging today, he will be at least ahead of fifty million people who want to blog!

Blogging requires an investment of prime – time, as much one spends with shares or stocks. Investing a minimum of two hours per day bringing out a good blog is enough to make a modest income out of it. The more time we spend in, more will be the benefit. Try to explore what others have afraid of or ignored, authentic posts will always gain attention no matter whether it is written by a novice blogger or an experienced blogger.

Suppose anyone starts to write blog from today, posting a new blog per day, one will have 365 blogs in a year. If he continues to write for two years, he will have 730 blogs in his credit. (excluding the blog likely to be written on February 29) If each of the blog attracts one new reader per day from the population of internet world, the website will receive 730 page views easily per day and may be more depending on the content.

Blogging is also like an investment, the better and wise one invests in it, more likely is to get better rewards.


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