Don't market your blog more than required

An alternative definition to the word marketing will be promoting anything. Anything can be promoted, either using online media or press media. Marketing through online media gained prominence in the last few years. Social Networking sites and also some dedicated companies exclusively work on marketing online. Marketing online also includes marketing blogs. Marketing blogs is mainly done through online marketing companies and self marketing.

Online marketing companies market the blog on many social networking and popular sites having huge traffic. Online marketing companies also market the blogs receiving the blogger’s requirement. A company can market a blog based on geographical area, age group and gender. The information on age and gender can be easily got by data mining the information with the social networking or email offering sites, which users had entered during registration. Many event management companies sell their attendees list to the marketing companies for a huge price. The marketing can be done for an hour, a day or for a certain period of time. Marketing through social networking sites have also gained popularity making these sites earning their major source of revenue.

Self marketing is marketing blogs by the bloggers itself for free. Self marketing can be done by commenting or sharing the link with the contacts list. Commenting on popular blogs and leaving a strong or appealing comment with a link to your blog gives a back link to your site, making many to visit your blog and profile. Commenting on popular posts is also called as back linking as it involves linking back to your site indirectly marketing your blog. Sharing the link with contacts is also a good way to increase visitors to your site.

Marketing blog can get you one time visitors but to make the same visitors to visit your blog often is difficult. For keeping visitors to visit your blog often one should supply the visitors with the fresh content. To provide fresh content one should update blog regularly with posts. Marketing your blog is necessary but over doing it will result in drastic down in visitors after a certain period, making you feel frustrated and worried. Update your blog with good posts entertaining readers that will keep readers to your blog forever.


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