Going to Hyderabad for the first time

Today was an eventful day. Had many things scheduled, going to bank, purchasing a demand draft to appear for Tamil Nadu PG counseling, taking class. First went to college and took classes, next was to go for bank. Am bit uncomfortable to see the dull faces of Central government undertaking banks who works as if they are doing great honorary service for the mankind. No one can change them, may be not even their higher officers. I gave the cheque and sat waiting for my turn. My token was not called, the next numbers were called and when I went to ask for the same, the reply was that the cheque numbers are not fed into the system. Enquiring about it I got to know that the lazy bank officials issued the cheque books without even entering the series of cheque leaves.

Somehow managed to get the money bit late and went to other bank to take Demand Draft as that bank is quite famous to issue demand drafts quickly. I filled out the challan form and deposited money in the counter. The lady at the counter showed interest about the name in which the demand draft is taken and asked me regarding it whether its for distance education or regular. I said for regular full time course. She told all the best returning the counter file and asked for few minutes to wait. Mean while I got call from Hyderabad engineering college to visit them tomorrow. I didn’t even know how to reach there. I called one of my friends and got the instruction to go via Harihar.

Reaching home I informed regarding the call from Hyderabad and prepared mentally to go for Hyderabad. I booked tickets via redbus.in. Since it was the only bus available from Harihar to Hyderabad and may be someone else also had tried somewhere else, I was experiencing technical glitch. In my third attempt I booked ticket to Hyderabad and that was from Harihar. Inquiring neighbors regarding the rout e to Harihar I left home taking blessings of parents. I reached Harihar in two hours via Honnalli.

I searched the travel agency office at Harihar and located it near to the Shobha Talkies road. The movie theatre is closed now but still the name exists for the road. Without finding any interesting way to spend time at Harihar found a cyber center near by travel office and currently blogging from the cyber café.

I have not seen Hyderabad, going there to see new people, new roads, new environment, waiting for a totally new experience. Hoping things will go smoother at Hyderabad.


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