Don’t forget to have enough balance on your mobile phone when you are going for other state

I had scheduled two blogs to get published automatically using blogger option. Am happy that I published two posts on time even though I didn’t access the internet. In a way made my readers satisfied who love to see fresh content on my blog site. From Hyderabad I came to Bangalore by Kacheguda - Yeshwantpur Express. I liked Hyderabad, being a big city there is no much vehicle traffic in many areas and at some places traffic is more but the people are in a way more sensible without pressing horn unnecessarily contributing unknowingly to the cause of controlling sound pollution. People are also co-operating guiding to places and bus routes. I stayed at Sree Anand lodge near to Kacheguda railway station. It is quite good and also an advantage is its location near railway station. I also liked the rule of City Corporation which has banned the usage of plastic covers and the vendors are also following it quite strictly.

Only difficulty I faced at Hyderabad is with my mobile phone. Mine was Karnataka sim card and as I entered Andhra Pradesh it was on roaming, charging for both incoming and outgoing calls and messages. Few calls I didn’t answer as balance was low but couldn’t restrict messages. I had subscribed for many free sms alerts which deducted mobile balance till it reached zero! In roaming at zero balance even you won’t get incoming calls and became a bit difficult for my parents to contact me. When I called home from a coin box got to know their effort in reaching me on mobile phone went in vain. I searched shops to recharge my AirTel number but didn’t get any shops having AirTel currency. Tried to text my brother and friends but it didn’t go as my cell was having zero balance. I didn’t find any cyber center also near by to do online currency transfer for my number.

I was helpless, learnt a new lesson to have enough balance in pocket as well as on my phone while going to other state.


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