Bloggers / Writers can't serve everyone

A common question asked by many in an online forum is on what to write? What kind of writings attracts people? This question doesn't have an exact answer. You can find people writing on everything let it be local fair or rocket science. Every article attracts a good number of people. The bindings which a book writer has won’t be there on bloggers or for writers on internet. Anyone in the entire world with an internet connection can read your writings. Books of Indian writers may not be available in other country and also the books of other country writers are not available here. Even if available that will be costly as currency conversion rates of countries are different. But bloggers doesn't have any geographical limitation on their readers. Every internet literate is a potential reader for blogger’s writing.

You can’t tell exactly what everyone needs. It depends on individual interest. As a blogger choose his topic to write, even the reader has the right to choose his favorite or interest. Readers cannot read whatever a blogger write and also a blogger cannot write particularly what a reader wants. Being a blogger he should focus on the things which he is passionate about and also readers can’t read every blog which is being updated every second over the internet. But there will be readers who like your interest. As I mentioned earlier, no matter whether you write about local fair or rocket science both will have its own interested readers.

Even the situation can be analyzed as that of buyer – seller relationship. Sorry for my immodesty in comparing bloggers to sellers and buyers to readers. Only to give an example am considering it. Buyers always like to buy the things which are necessary and useful to them, few rely on quality, brand, price and many more factors. Readers also like to read the things which are necessary and useful to them and also they search for quality of content as there are many resources which provides fake and false information (price doesn't come into picture here as blogs on the internet can be read freely.) Once readers like the write ups they visit regularly to read posts as buyers tends to purchase products of a particular brand.

Similarly, sellers like to sell their products giving quality and reliable products. A company can’t manufacture everything, there is a limitation and produce or manufacture the things which they are good at and which they can, understanding the needs of particular section of people. A branded company good at manufacturing pencils can manufacture pens, but people may not like the pens manufactured by the company and only likes the pencils. A reader may be interested in science and may not be interested in architecture, astrology, fiction etc., automatically making him to find the blogs which interests him. Bloggers can only write and it depends on readers to choose or follow a blogger’s writing or not depending on their interest. But there will be competition between companies to sell their product, in the competition the companies with reliable quality products wins the race. Same applies to the bloggers also, if they give accurate and quality writing readers will always follow their write ups. An anonymous writer rightly said ’if there was no competition, human race wouldn't have advanced so much’.

Readers and bloggers relationship can’t be taken as that of buyers and sellers, to make the concept clear I stumbled upon it. There are many sensitive writers and also readers whose write ups and comments can show light to others. Take up any topic which interests you and start writing, bloggers or writers cant serve everyone’s interest, a person who is in need if gets benefited by your writing that serves the purpose.


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