Mobile Phones and Love Marriages

The usual complaint by the people of older generation is their children of younger or new generation are not listening to them and love marriages are also happening against their wish. Love marriages were considered to be an offence earlier and now it is slowly taking place everywhere even in the families who claim themselves very orthodox. The education and the qualities which are being imparted to our younger education is making them confident enough to choose what is best for them. In the middle of choosing a right option, chances of getting into wrong hands is also not uncommon. In middle of all these, electronic gadgets are also contributing to the era of love marriages. Social Networking is another channel through which marriages are happening better than through the marriage brokers. With the demand to access where a person is, mobile phones are very effective and it is also responsible for the so called love marriages.

Mobile phones will have option to send text messages popularly known as sms and sending messages is called ‘texting’. It is quick to get chat friends also as simple as sending messages. Texting gives an opportunity for the youth to share themselves with the friends and one or two in the friends will slowly become close and depending on the mutual conditions it will be turned into ‘Love’. Also, for one or the other reason parents, elders or teachers may scold in the adolescent age, or there may be small reasons of unhappiness or depression making these younger people to rely on someone for sharing their feelings. Texting is a very good option for sharing one’s feelings with the loved ones without actually disturbing anyone. Speaking over phone may disturb others or at least it will make the surrounding people to hear what conversation is going on.

Relying on ‘someone’ for psychological needs creates a feeling that the ‘someone’ will be the better choice for the lifetime and the friendship over the message will gets converted into love without thinking much on the pros and cons of it. Adolescent is the mixture of all feelings, variation of mood over silly things will be common. In addition to that mobile phones are becoming inevitable part contributing their own share in the love marriages.


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