Favicon with blogspot or blogger.com

Blogspot or blogger.com provides all features for free to its users. Bloggers well versed with template HTML code and designs will go for WordPress than blogspot as the designs and looks are very special and attracting. Problem with the WordPress is its requirement to spend money on hosting and purchasing a domain name. Every blogger has thought once or more to have account on blogspot in his career of blogging as it is user friendly offering unlimited bandwidth, search engine optimization and easy monetization. Blogspot also provide an option to purchase a customized domain name without losing the traffic or page rank and extra space to store image if the user requirement crosses the limit 1GB. Blogspot is an user friendly and zero investment blogging platform. Much advancement is being done with blogspot and the recent addition to the list is ‘favicon’.

Favicon is also known as website icon, URL icon associated with a particular blog or website. WordPress was providing feature to use favicon and blogspot was not having any easy tool for adding favicon easily. Many branded bloggers have designed their favicon designs unique to their blogs and they are as famous as of blogger’s blog. Designing logos for bloggers is also an industry of multi – million business turnover.

Old browsers don’t support favicons and almost all new browsers support it. Browsers supporting favicons will display an image of favicon on address bar or title bar of website. Internet Explorer was the first browser to support favicons launched in 1999. Sometimes favicons itself takes much time to load the page completely on slow internet connections.

On blogspot one can add the favicon easily using the new user friendly tool developed, without any hassle without bothering much about the file format. Just by uploading an image using the favicon menu in design of blog structure will finish the job of adding favicon to your blog.

Favicons give a lasting impression on web visitors and make them to revisit the websites. Blogspot’s new move in easy adding a favicon to blog instead of usual blogger symbol will make at least a few thousand users to opt for blogspot.


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