Scheduling a future blog on blogspot or blogger

Blogspot or has many things to offer for its members or bloggers. The offers are ever increasing from time to time. Also one need to find out many more things which Google blogger is already offering. Self discovery is best one. You can schedule blogs to be posted on a particular day and time. One can use this powerful tool while going out of station so that the blogger don’t disappoint his readers who love to see new content each day and also the searchbots!

Scheduling a blog to be posted is an easy task. After typing or posting the content in the blogger editor before publishing click on Post Options. The post options will be visible as similar to the drop down menu. In the date and time, one can set the date and time of his choice it can be any date in future. One disadvantage of this is one can post also in the previous dates i.e. on June 20th, one can publish a blog for date 10th May. In the chronological order of blog listing the blog will appear after 9th May. Nobody can make put except the publisher when the blog was actually posted! May be few readers thinking now if they were allowed to go to their past, they would have changed many things which they didn’t like and couldn’t stop at that point of time.

The option of scheduling a blog in future is very useful for bloggers who are going for a tour or out of station for few days. If they don’t want to lose the frequency of searchbots visiting their blogs and satisfy readers curiosity in reading new content each day, bloggers can opt for this.

This post is also a scheduled one which was written on 19th July and being published today as I will be in Hyderabad without any plans to access the internet.


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