Oats are not good for health

Human beings of different geographical areas are used to and living consuming the native food for centuries together. Our body gets well with the native light food and takes many million years to get adjusted with the food of other geographical area. Fast food is not a native food of India, it is also responsible for many ailments. Acidity and ulcers are the prime examples of effect of fast food on us. Wise and sensible intake of food is the best medicine and reduces the risk of all diseases, is the key principle which the queen of all medicines Ayurveda has preached over the years.

Oat is non – native food of India. Oats available in India is being exported from other countries with a label that it is good for health particularly heart. But if you observe carefully, no research has shown oats are good for health. Only the research carried out in the sponsorship or guidance of oats exporting companies has shown oats are good for health. None of the independent and non – biased reports has shown in take of oat is good for human beings. In many countries oats are being used as cattle feed forming a major source of food for livestock.

Oats are grown throughout the year and it is an annual plant with high production rate. Oats are being exported to developing countries with a label it is good for health by reducing the cholesterol levels in our body. Actually, oats doesn’t do anything and human body is not a fool to produce cholesterol if it is not good for human health. Oats are also being dumped into Indian market with a slogan of healthy food and it is the best food for maintaining good health condition. These are just the marketing tricks for dumping such goods in a big developing country. Even oats are used as feed to horses. There is no evidence of using oats as an alternative food source by human beings in any of the country.

Indian food system is one of the best food systems in the world. Many countries import Indian spices which even has the medicinal properties. Oat is non native food to India and consumption of it doesn’t make much benefit at least for Indians. Most of the times the media are being controlled by the marketing lobbies forced to publish biased news. Even the research institutes, research journals are carrying out the research based on the money what they receive from the companies or industries owning products, in a way indirectly proving the company’s product are best.


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