Shivarapatna - a village of making Gods and Goddesses

I was looking for information on availability of black stone idols of Gods and Goddesses as one of my colleague wanted to construct a temple. I searched on internet as it is the first point of contact for many like me. I couldn’t get much info after doing couple of combination words search I could know about Shivarapatna (Shi-war-patna) Locating this place was not easy as no precise information about its location except it is present near to Kolar district of Karnataka. I enquired my friends belonging to that part about it and then I got info that it is near to Kolar on the way to Bangalore. But they also didn't have any accurate information.

Ganesha -black stone idol 

Devi statue

Shivarapatna is a remote village of Malur Taluk of Kolar but the stone idols carved here have been shipped to many countries and still many don’t know about this place. But the brokers are making money being mediators between the villagers and purchasers in India and Abroad.

Even reaching Shivarapatna is quite difficult as one has to either get down at Narsapur in Bangalore – Kolar road or at Shivarapatna gate in Kolar – Malur road. For going inside from main road one has to hire auto rickshaw or wait for the bus which comes not so frequently.

Idols of Gods and Goddesses

I had doubt about this place whether really stone carvings are done at this place out of black stone if so why it is not being so popularly known place to make black stone idols. I was really relieved and surprised to see people of entire village involved in making stone idols and especially the idols of God and Goddess in black stones and statues of few famous personalities.
Naga stone before polish

Ganesha idol before polish

Upon enquiry I got the info that the villagers supply stone idols for many places including abroad but only through brokers. Only thing the villagers know is receive orders and make ready idols either of people directly visiting here or of brokers. Also they connect their art of stone carving to the Gangas period as Ganga rulers were the one who made the people of this area to learn stone carving mainly to carve stone idols of Gods and Goddesses for the temples the rulers constructing and now the art is being passed in generations.
statue of Netaji carved in stone

I could see villagers’ expertise in making all sorts of idols and statues out of stones depending on the requirement. Even many takes idols from here for exhibition purpose as one can recollect seeing stones of Buddha in some resorts.

Anyone wishes to purchase anything made of black stones or of specific stones can visit this place and order and also you can give order to make any specific idols. One can get best price as you we will be directly interacting with sculptors but don’t forget to bargain significantly. 

Yadagirigutta Lakshmi Narasimha Swami Temple

Yadagiri Gutta Lakshmi Narasimha Swami Temple is popular attracting devotees from many places. Presence of Goddess Lakshmi with Narasimha Swami makes this place unique. Lakshmi Narasimha Temple is on the hill top, one has to climb the hill or can take the alternate route allowing vehicles to go till the entrance of temple.

temple entrance on top of hill

Climbing steps gives the fresh air to inhale and one can view the small village adjacent to temple. Even one can witness devotees applying kumkum to the steps en route.

way to pedestrian path (steps) to climb hill

The legend says that Yadarishi did penance at this place for Lord Vishnu and Lord Vishnu appeared before him in five avatars. That’s the reason this place is also called as Pancha Narasimha Kshetram. Many devotees visit this place praying God to free them from the chronic diseases they are suffering with as Lord Narasimha is also popularly known as ‘Vaidya Narasimha'.

The sanctum sanctorum is below the cave and temple is built as extension to the cave. As followed in other temples, here also ticketing system is there. Yadagiri Gutta is having quite good number of lodges to stay and the best place to stay will be Bhuvanagiri (Bhongir) as it is connected well by railways and roadways. Many auto rickshaw are also available from Bhongir as well as from Yadagiri gutta bus stop to go till top of the hill.

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Ananthagiri Hills

Anantha Padmanabha Swamy Temple at Ananthagiri hills is a one day visit from Hyderabad situated at a distance of 90 kilometers. From Vikarabad one has to take Tandur road and on the road side itself main temple is situated. From Vikarabad the temple is six kilometers. We mainly went there to see if there is any hill to trek as many blogs had mentioned that there is trekking spot and few photographs having hilly areas.

temple visible from main road

We reached Ananthgiri Hills early morning by taking direct bus from MGBS. Having coffee at the hotel in front of temple we visited temple and had darshan soon as there was no crowd. Swayambhu Anantha Padmanabha Swamy along with Goddess Lakshmi and Sri Venkateshwara Swamy with Sridevi and Bhoodevi idols are present in the sanctum sanctorum. Sanctum Sanctorum looks like cave and the temple is constructed as an extension to the existing cave.

temple entrance

temple outside premises

Just few steps down the temple entrance Teerthastalam is present. We enquired locals about the trekking spot or hill kind of thing nearby. To our surprise they said no such spot exists in the vicinity. Doubting their advice again we asked few more but the answer was same. Without knowing what to do as there was nothing to see we mentally prepared to start back to Hyderabad. 

Garuda statue in front of temple

Hanuman statue in front of temple

As a last try we asked the guy who was collecting parking fees in the temple car parking lot. He directed us about two places one is to take straight path next to Teerthastalam that will enter into forest, you can have view of forest or go straight in the Tandur road and take right after a kilometer.

inside temple

We went in Tandur road about a kilometer and took right turn as there were few marks of vehicle tires on road. We reached till end of such roads and could see only small hill having small trees shedding their leaves and no proper hill to trek. We could see many alcohol bottles and hints of cooking food using dry wood and leaves available around. We could decide finally it is a place to come and enjoy cooking food ourselves. Having spent some time there we stated back to Hyderabad.

small hilly area we could find in the vicinity

in search of hilly area

Ananthagiri Hills has Haritha resorts and it is well maintained. One can stay at these and enjoy as it is away from city and had many games to play for children.

As an advice don’t go to Ananthagiri Hills thinking as a hilly area to trek. You can visit temple it is nice.