SMS Tickets in Bus and Train: Pros and Cons

Major bus travel operators and IRCTC considers the SMS received while reserving ticket as valid and it is enough to show SMS during journey instead of ticket printed on paper along with any of the valid identity proof issued by competent authority. Even soft copy of ticket booked, shown in laptop/palmtop is also considered as valid e-ticket.  But carrying electronic devices with soft copy of ticket has few pros and cons.

1) No worries about printing ticket, it saves paper
2) No question of forgetting as we are addicted to mobile phones
3) SMS usage has become quite familiar among all generations

1) Battery may be discharged
2) Mobile phones are lost or stolen in the last minute rush
3) SMS may not be received by passenger due to network congestion or some technical problem
4) SMS may be deleted by mistake which will be treated as travelling without ticket
5) Few bus travel operators during the time of festival or holiday season may try to bluff actual passengers by selling tickets to others at a higher fare giving reason bus has left or the SMS ticket is of other bus

In case of IRCTC SMS tickets, the passenger not being able to show the SMS ticket either due to loss of mobile phone or battery discharge can show the valid identity proof to the on-board ticket checking staff and get EFT by paying Rs 50 as penalty per ticket. But searching of berth (in case of loss or battery discharge) without having idea of exact berth location, only with valid identity proof will be difficult as there can be more than 500 people with reserved tickets will be travelling in train. Be aware or make a note of PNR number somewhere while travelling as it avoids unnecessary tensions even if mobile phone is switched off!

MGR samadhi and Anna Durai samadhi near Marina beach, Chennai

M G Ramachandran (MGR) was the popular South Indian actor who later became the chief minister of Tamil Nadu. Similarly in Andhra Pradesh N T Ramarao (NTR) had ruled the state as Chief Minister. Both southern states Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh has film actors as chief ministers.

Anna Durai was one more popular political leader of Tamilnadu who was popularly known as Anna. He is having the fame of forming the first non-congress government in Tamilnadu and also the founder of Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK). Anna was a visionary leader whose name is still remembered in Tamil Nadu keeping his name to many institutions and places such as Anna University, Anna Square etc., It was during Anna’s government many significant political decisions were taken even renaming Madras state to Tamil Nadu.

MGR Samadhi park

In memory of these two leaders, memorial park has been built near by Marina beach. Separate entrance is given for both the samadhis but both can be visited entering one gate. Parks having samadhi of Anna and MGR is being visited by many as almost equal to that of people visiting the Marina beach to pay their respect for these leaders. Arrangement has been made that lamp will be glowing in front of these two samadhis all the time.

structure having samadhi of MGR

MGR Samadhi

Anna Durai samadhi

people trying to listen sound coming from MGR samadhi, some kind of metal sound or clock tick is audible

Tiger and Lion Safari, Tyavarekoppa, Shivamogga

Tyavarekoppa Lion and Tiger Safari is 8 kms away from Shimoga bus stand. The place can be reached easily as many buses pass by this route often. A pleasant place to visit even though only a few species of animals and birds are present. Safari is having children park making it picnic spot for the near by schools.

Entry fess for Safari is high as entrance is Rs 10, for Van trip Rs 50 and for still camera Rs 50 will be charged. Timings Morning 10:00 AM to evening 5:00 PM and Tuesday is holiday.

Safari has a museum providing information about the near by places to visit and the medicinal values of plants. Recently even the adoption scheme is launched in which an animal or a bird can be adopted for a period of one year paying the prescribed amount consulting the conservator of forest.

Akka Mahadevi's birth place, Uduthadi near Shiralakoppa

Akka Mahadevi is one of the popular saints of 12th century. Akka Mahadevi’s birth place is Uduthadi, situated near Shiralakoppa of Shimoga District. The place is also called as Udugani in local use.

In memory of her birth place, Government along with donors constructed the ranga mandira (left). Statue of Akka Mahadevi inside Ranga Mandira, which has the vachanas of Akka Mahadevi on the inside walls (right).

Park is maintained by Kadali trust which has Akka Mahadevi’s statue recently installed along with few house hold industries inauguration was done by the then Chief Minister of Karnataka.

                                                               Stone carving of Akka Mahadevi near Kuteera.
A small park for children amusement is under construction with the generous funding from the Non–Resident Indians (NRIs) living in Chicago, USA.