The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch

Death can occur as a random number at any time and there is no exception every number will get a chance, a few may get late and a few early. No body knows when they will die. Even the astrologers who come for the show daily on television are also not sure when death calls a person. Without knowing the fact that we are mortal on this earth we aim at making at without any limitation even some times by unfair means. There is no limit to greed. If a person knows when his or her death is on a particular day what they like to do. Whether they like to spend with the loved ones or love to add more property to their list of belongings differs from one individual to other.

The Last Lecture is the lecture to be delivered by the professors or celebrities on superannuation or at the time they achieve something notable. One such lecture was asked to be delivered by Randy Pausch, a professor at Carnegie Mellon University and a researcher on aspects of virtual reality. Randy will be diagnosed with the pancreatic cancer and the doctors give his chances of being alive just for six months. Randy also sobbed like others who loved life, kith and kin knowing their death. But soon recovering from the fact, realizing all will die one or the other day, he wanted to live happily as long as he lives. He likes to show his love towards his children who were just toddlers. He barks on various things to let his kids understand how much he loved them when he was alive. He did all the possible things to keep his memory alive in his kids even after they grow up.

‘Last Lecture’ is the small book which Randy wrote created a storm in all the lists of best sellers. The book describes how Randy tried to fulfill his child hood dreams becoming an engineer at Disney, journalist and many more. Also, he doesn’t forget to add the names of many who helped him in achieving and fulfilling his dreams including one of his professors with a dedicated writing on ‘Dutch Uncle’.

Touched by the popularity of the lecture and the co – incidence with the lecture being the last to be given by Randy, the organizers changed the name of Last Lecture series to ‘Journeys’. The video of Last Lecture by Randy Pausch updated on YouTube has received more than million hits and the number is still growing. The book is also translated to many languages even to the regional languages.

Last Lecture is a must read for the people loving their life. Randy loved his life, job, wife, children and finally his death. Hope his soul rests in peace.


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