Giving Labels and related post link in the blog increases visitors to your blogsite

‘You can’t estimate the depth of water unless you get into it’ is the anonymous statement. We can’t say about anything unless we get into it, we can give our opinions but it won’t have any value as the listener will also know what we are up to. Blogging is also a big sea but the difference is blogging is ever expanding form its inception and sea has set boundaries. The suggestion or tips in blogging world or blogosphere will wok only if it comes from experience. Am sharing my experience with the blogosphere, trial and error methods also give some kind of idea on readers like.

Assigning label to the blog and displaying it in the right corner of website increases the visitor to the blogsite. Niche topic blogs will have blogs related to the particular topic but the non-niche or general blogs will have all the things and thinking going on in author’s mind. May be a new quote ‘General Blogs are blogger’s workshop’ suits best to the general blogsites.

Blogging sites will follow the pattern of stack (Last In First Out), the blog which is being published last will be available first on visiting the blog address. When a blogger publishes more than hundred blogs, for a new visitor it will be difficult to read what he likes. In such cases, the tendency is that the visitor will not return to your site again. It is not that you don’t have good posts but it is mainly because of the blog design. Design of blog also matters as the visitor will be in a hurry to get what he wants at his finger tips than digging the entire pile.

Assigning labels to blog is also one good idea to increase visitors to your blog. A visitor interested in reading blogs on travelling, will surely visit your blogs if you give a label to each blog and give the labels list in the corner of your blogsite. The visitor will be interested in and look for other posts with the label travelling.

Apart from giving label, one more is to give related post link. Suppose you are writing your travel experiences of visiting ooty and if you have already published a blog on ooty, you can even add it in the blog. Don’t give the web address of the complete web address of the related post, hyperlink the address with an attracting name chillness of ooty or places near by ooty. The visitor to your blog - travelling experiences of visiting ooty will also tend to read the related post.


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