Limiting ourselves over the Inter'Net'

Internet has become the part and parcel of everyday human life. Internet would be on the top of list if any organization conducts a survey on the wonders of modern world. Internet has become a magic tool to know about happenings in the world and even in our surroundings. Web 2.0 has severely changed the internet world and the things are moved so forward that marriages are not made in heaven they are made on internet. Getting children over internet is also gaining popularity as sperm banks, surrogate mothers, sperm donors and egg donors are easily available and websites are very well designed catering to the needs of different kind of people. Internet looks like the extra magical powers which our great ancestors (of Mahabharata and Ramayana) were believed to possess through which each one of them can know the happenings of far away places. We are addicting too much to the internet and wise usage of internet is necessary to escape from its side effects.

Internet is also harmful as an addiction. People addicted to internet will suffer from a disease called Internet Addiction Syndrome’. The disease will start from the symptoms of telling lies about the usage of internet or the hours we spent on the internet we spent on internet surfing. Recent survey has showed that regular usage of search engines has resulted in reduction of memory power. The movement we type few letters of word in search engine screen, it will give lot of options in a drop – down menu making users to select from the drop – down menu which in long run spoils the vocabulary power of a child or an adult.

Some of the commonly seen symptoms of internet addiction are depression, sleeplessness, unusual tensions, losing control over emotions etc. Problem doesn’t stop here itself; it can spoil the thinking capacity of an average human being. When everything is available on the internet what is the necessity to think over it wasting time, this kind of attitude definitely destroy the intellectual capability. Internet addiction can be seen in people of all age groups irrespective of male or female. Search results on the internet most of the times contains tempting information on dating hot girls, exposed pictures of film actress or even sometimes on exaggerated sexual inter course, these attracts the internet users making them to dig more information on such matters. Internet gives an opportunity to express any thinking or opinions without any bindings even hiding our identity, as a result information on everything even non – sense and tempting things can be published. One of the recent research proposals aimed at studying effects on children below age group fifteen watching porn was stopped as it was very difficult to get kids who had not watched porn under that age group! Innocent kids and youth have become prey of chat room culture and everything is openly discussed without any hesitation or shyness making them to spend more time on internet. At least few of us remember about a couple who were addicted to speaking over the phone and internet (through chat and social networking sites) to an extent that it was very difficult to lead them a normal life and live together facing each other speaking face to face.

Usage of internet has to be checked, we should restrict ourselves on internet. Wise usage of internet is essential to escape from its danger as every technology or discovery has two edges one is constructive and the other destructive but the wise usage of it lies with us. Use internet ‘constructively’ than unnecessarily without falling prey in the powerful ‘net’ (Internet)

Blood shed history of Teddy Bears

Teddy Bears are cute dolls attracting the people of all age groups. Especially girls will forget their age when they come across Teddy Bears and love to buy such soft toys encouraging the multi – floor malls not to give any discount on soft toys particularly Teddy Bears. In the last two decades Teddy Bears saw much changes in its dress, shape, color etc., Even Teddy bears have occupied special status on all World Celebration days such as Valentine’s day, Children’s day and New year Celebration, Birthday Celebration to name a few. The origin of Teddy Bears is interesting and it has a blood shed history too.

Hunting animals was an activity of fun and prestige in earlier days, hunters used to get together on a particular day celebrating killing animals. On one of such events in 1902 Governor of Mississippi invited the then president of USA, Theodore Roosevelt for hunting day and asked to kill a black bear tied to the near by tree. If Roosevelt had killed the bear on that day it would have lost in the pages of history but Roosevelt didn’t kill the bear and ordered to free it. The situation was presented in the form of cartoon in the Washington Post by cartoonist Clifford Berryman. Roosevelt was not happy by the cartoon and openly commented on it. Utilizing the situation another cartoonist by name Morris Michtom made minor changes to the cartoon of Berryman’s bear and sent it to Roosevelt with a request to name the bear as ‘Teddy’s bear’, Teddy was Roosevelt’s nickname. Roosevelt was happy and permitted to give the name to bears, understanding the popularity of such toys Morris Michtom himself founded Ideal Novelty and Toy Co. to commercially manufacture Teddy Bears.

Without any information on such happenings another firm by name Steiff firm of Germany inspired by the drawings of Richard Steiff produced toys similar to Teddy Bears. This situation is much comparable with the development of Calculus independently by Newton and Leibnitz. Steiff’s firm exported three thousand toys to USA in 1903. Slowly the toys gained popularity and cute bears took position in show cases, gifts and toys etc., making it very popular. Over the time commercial production of Teddy Bears gained importance and now a popular toy used for many purposes including boy friends pampering their girl friends giving Teddy Bears.

If Roosevelt had killed that bear in 1902 like the other hunters. Teddy Bears would not have evolved and the death of bear would have added to the list of killed animals. But a kind act of Roosevelt made a remarkable moment in the history. Some companies earlier used real Bear’s cub for stuffing to manufacture Teddy Bears but now the Teddy Bears are manufactured using artificial materials and a few companies are using recyclable materials inside the Teddy Bears to make it extra soft.

People writing books on earning money earns more than the people following such books

Earning money is necessary to fulfill one’s basic needs. Money not only gives strength to take independent decisions but also relaxes us. Many theories, ways and techniques are developed to earn money. Countless number of books was also published on the matter making money. None of the books gave any relevant information about people who became rich reading such books. Every regional language has books related to money, money making, money investment, growing money etc., even a few titles are very difficult to remember also. But these kinds of books are sold in market like ‘hot cake’.

Money making is an art and the money earned in the illegal means will never last for long. People who got money in jackpots, lottery and prize will find it difficult to lead their life once the money is spent. Along with earning money, growing money is also important. Even people telling money is nothing, will also hang on some means for leading life. When money is important for at least our necessities, it is not wrong to earn it in a legal way. A guy who collects post – stamp will enjoy doing it and gets happiness. Similarly money – making is also a joy for few people and they don’t get tired in earning money. These people are not making money by reading any best seller of markets, they have found their own ways. No such book exist which will tell how money can be earned, it is an art and no ideal path exist. Even it can be a work of creativity or utilizing the necessity into profit. Till the human beings exist on this earth, necessity will also be present and simultaneously the necessity creates opportunity. Intelligence of converting opportunity into profit is the key principle in making or earning money. Finding such opportunity is the easy way for making money and it can be anything which is difficult to imagine until someone makes a profit out of a new kind of an opportunity.

Money making books will tell how money can be earned but it fails to give instances of people who are making money using the ideas of book. On the other hand few books will give information on people how they earned money chasing a passion which is also not useful as thinking of every individual is different. No books can make anyone rich, one should find his own legal way. Books which are brought by us will land up somewhere in midst of books making the line ‘writing books on earning money earns more than people following such books’ a truth.

Chandra X - ray Observatory and an asteroid '2011 MD'

Telescope is one of the important discoveries helped us to know and understand more about our universe and helped Galileo to propose the solar system with sun at the center and other planets revolving around the sun. As the interest in astronomy was increased, new technologies were combined to build powerful telescopes. Knowing it is impossible to get good quality pictures and information from space, placing telescopes in the orbit of sun was important as telescopes on earth are not powerful enough to get more information as earth’s atmosphere absorbs vast majority of X – rays making them not detectable from earth based telescopes. One after the other the X – ray telescopes were launched and placed into orbit from 1978 (Einstein HEAO – 2, the first X – ray imaging telescope launched by NASA) But largest of these are Hubble space telescope, Compton Gamma Observatory, Spitzer space telescope and the Chandra X – ray observatory.

Chandra X – ray observatory was launched in 1999 by Columbia shuttle (STS 93) and it was placed into orbit with a plan and hope that it will work for five years but even after eleven years the telescope is working fine and sending images to the data center on earth at Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory with the same spirit with which it started to send pictures from its launch. May be it is one of the few telescopes which is working even after the date of expiry. Earlier to name Chandra, the telescope was called Advanced X – ray Astrophysics Facility (AXAF) later convinced by the contributions made by an eminent Astrophysicist Dr Subramanyan Chandrasekhar NASA renamed AXAF to Chandra in honor of this scientist. Chandra also means ‘Luminary’ or ‘Moon’ in Sanskrit. Dr Chandrasekhar was an Indian born, educated in United Kingdom and served University of Chicago at USA till his retirement. By his research the fields of Stellar structures, Stellar dynamics, and radiative transfer gained importance and helped others to look forward. One of his famous contributions to Astrophysics is popularly known as ‘Chandrasekhar Limit’ found in all literatures related to evolution of stars.

Scientists are expecting that Chandra will work for few more years. Hope on the orbit there will be no traffic jams caused by Telescopes as happened in case of satellites. Accident between satellites in the orbit last year not only created curiosity but also it was a nightmare for many scientists thinking on safety of satellites in orbit and to avoid orbital accidents. It may also lay a foundation for new subject in Engineering curriculum, Traffic Management of Satellites in the coming years!

One of space telescopes has found that today an asteroid named '2011 MD' will pass very close to Earth at a distance of twelve thousand kilometers and it is visible by simple telescopes. Scientists have assured there is no harm even if it enters earth’s atmosphere, it will burn and pours as ashes. If small piece of Asteroid falls on Earth also it is of not much interest as there is no one to tie it to any entrance or door as tied in entrance of Bijapur Gol Gumbaz by its rulers.

'Aadhaar' at Post Offices

Multi – Crore project ‘Aadhaar’ of Indian Government was incorporated with an aim to provide unique identity number to every citizen to India. Nandan Nlekani of Infosys gave resignation to his post to take the chairmanship of Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI). UIDAI later changed name into Aadhaar with a branded logo. The work of Aadhaar started at slow phase able to involve only three crore people under the project and Aadhaar cards for one crore people are ready to issue. To gain speed and complete the work as soon as possible, Aadhaar has tied knots with Post Offices. E – Governance has changed the working of post offices, operations are fully computerized. In the world of Internet and Mobile phones there are hardly a few people who send letters and post cards, that too to exchange token of gratitude now and then. Anyone who sends Email accepts the fact that Emails are fat and can be easily sent but it won’t be filled with the feelings and emotions as we feel while reading a hand – written letter or post card.

Post offices are now prepared for registering people for Aadhaar project. Aadhaar has listed twenty nine documents, among which one has to be submitted to get Aadhaar card. In case any of the mentioned documents are not found a person who has person already assigned with Aadhaar card can give introduction as similar to the process involved in opening bank accounts. While issuing Aadhaar card, a person’s finger prints and retina scan will be done which are unique to every person and impossible to have other persons having same kind of retina structure. Mainly Aadhaar is aiming at preventing scams and the people in need should get real benefits of Government schemes. In future Aadhaar card can be used as a proof of identity for all purpose.

Aadhaar started program of giving unique identity card from September 2010 and till now able to involve only three crore population of India. But in the same duration India’s population has increased by one crore fourteen lakhs. Like Janlokpal Bill, Aadhaar is also a project which created hope among country’s people that Aadhaar will also help to fight against corruption. Aadhaar should speed up its process and try to complete the project early as population is also like time which can not be stopped at a point!

Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) is not the solution

Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) is the investment made by any individual or a group of companies of a country in another country. Investment can be made in any sector such as automobile, food production, retail market, and banking etc., to check the growth of inflation recently Central Government was planning to allow foreign direct investment. Foreign Direct Investment poses a great challenge for our local companies with a price war. If a foreign company invests $ 10000 in Indian market, in Indian currency it will be around Rs 450000 (roughly) which is comparatively higher price in India making an investment cost much lesser for the company than their own country. With a view to capture Indian market the foreign countries can provide goods at lesser price and sustain for a long period of time with lose but Indian companies can’t afford to do so. Everyday you come across in market, the vegetable price in market is quite higher compared to Marts and Bazars of various private sector companies. These bazars and markets can survive with small margin of profit but small individual vendors cannot survive. Within the country only such cold price wars exist, in this scenario if foreign companies are also allowed to invest there will be havoc. Once a foreign company enters another country’s market, it will first look at attracting customers than anything else using any strategy and it is not so easy to compete with such companies.

Not only it affects Indian economy but also the foreign companies will not be bounded by the rules and regulation of Indian Government. In case any accidents or damage occurs by these companies Indian Government cannot take strict action against the company. The memory of Methyl Carbide Company which took lives of thousands of people at Bhopal haunts us till today.

Instead of Foreign Direct Investment, Government can look into alternative methods. The price hike or inflation is mainly due to the decrease in production of necessary commodities used in day to day life. Such commodities production should increase and the import of unnecessary goods should be strictly stopped. Import may look profitable for short duration but in the long run it’s not fruitful, attaining self – sufficiency is the major need. Everyone speaking of progress should think of progress in attaining self – sufficiency rather than speaking progress in terms of constructing tall buildings or acquiring fertile agricultural lands for building townships.

India is the intellectually rich country, having the evidences of Economics in its history itself. Chanakya, minister of Chandragupta Maurya is the very first name strikes to our mind when anyone speaks of Economics and Statesmanship. We have treatise on Economics which dates back to centuries before any modern economist born. India has also efficient economists, even one bagging the prestigious Noble prize. If all together including the common man of country gets together and works in the direction of actual progress in terms of health, providing basic facilities to people, increasing agricultural practice, reducing imports certainly checks the inflation, Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) is not the solution.

Price hike of Petroleum Products

Union Petroleum Minister has announced the rate hike in the petroleum products with effect from today mid – night. The reason being the same as always, Rise in Crude Oil price in International Market. Government has been doing the rate hike of petroleum products regularly from few months, this is the third time the rates are jumping in a very short duration of time. Increase in petroleum products directly results in increase in other commodities price as the transport charges will be high. It alters the supply chain management balance from the base to top. Neighboring countries, some of them not even having proper facilities are providing petroleum products at a much lower price compared to India. Government is always being increasing the prices and never bothered to cut down when the crude oil price falls down in International market.

I was going through a list of International Market price of crude oil at New York Mercentile Exchange website ( the website has listed the price of crude oil starting from December 2005 to till today. The website has list of price of crude oil at the end of every week. From the first week of May 2011 the crude oil rate has been decreasing with a slight increase in the middle for a brief and showing continuous decrease in price. The crude oil was at $ 113.93 at the end of April 2011 and when the last trade was performed last week i. e. 17th June the oil price was traded at $ 93.01, with a clear decrease of $ 20.92. But Government is increasing price rate with the reason of increased rates in International Crude oil price. The Government owned oil companies are showing considerable profit gains in the yearly report which they release, none of the companies are in loss. It is really very hard to understand.

I don’t know how the Indian oil companies calculate the percentage of increase in price related to price hike in International markets, but from my observation I can make out is Oil Price in Indian Market is inversely proportional to the Crude oil price in International Market. Whenever there is decrease in Crude Oil price in International Market there will be an increase in price of petroleum products in India but vice – versa is not true as there are no instances in the recent past in which the Government has decreased the oil prices once hiked.

Social Networking as a Medium of Expression

Internet has changed lives of people in many folds. Social Networking is a powerful tool which is helping people on internet to mingle with people and also people love to spend hours together on the social networking sites. Social networking is a gift of Web 2.0 allowing people to have their own profile on internet. These profiles are not only being used to interact with people but also have become medium of expression. Suppose a person wants to share some information, he can easily do it using social networking sites. All the celebrities have social networking profiles updating regularly through which they are trying to keep their popularity on internet world. Many celebrities have their profiles on facebook, twitter and LinkedIn, media such as news paper and television are giving news based on the twitter and facebook updates of celebrities, seems to be a better way rather than contacting the person itself.

People are spending more time on social networking sites for various reasons, playing games, mingle with people, watch updates on celebrities, creating their own brand pages, advertising and a few are using it for illegal activities. (You may remember one of the regional language actress arrested recently was using social networking for hi – tech prostitution!) Whatever may be the cause social networking is becoming part and parcel of life. In colleges before making friendships, folks look into each other’s social networking profiles prior to proceeding further with friendship. A recruiter in his recent interview was speaking about how they look into a person’s resume and analyze it even considering his social networking profile.

Social networking sites have become similar to online diary, everyone loves to update their status daily to express themselves. Change is inevitable but at the same time precautions should be taken to avoid cyber stalkers who can misuse the information you updated on your profiles.

Generating Electricity using Rice Husk - Husk Power Systems

India has enough villages and small towns which lack the power supply. Many villagers have not even seen the joy of using electricity in the dark to light their home and lives. A recent innovation has transformed many lives in the rural India especially Northern state Bihar which has seen long years of worst political regime. The innovation has bagged many international awards for Green Energy generation. The innovation is power generation using rice husk employing the rural people. Husk Power generation not only providing electricity to rural parts but also creating employment opportunities for rural youth.

Husk power systems is the brain child of two Indian born engineers Manoj Sinha and Gyanesh Pandey along with Charles Ransler, a fellow student of Manoj Sinha at University of Virigina started to explore the possibilities in using agricultural waste to generate electricity. Initially it had aimed at building small generators in village but later established with mini-power plants to generate electricity. In husk power plants, the rice husk heated in a certain way produces methane – like gas is used for running proprietary generator which in turn produces electricity. Husk power systems has also trained and employed village people creating a means of their livelihood.

According to statistics released by Husk Power Systems (HPS), on an average each power plant serves about 400 households replacing nearly 42,000 liters of kerosene and 18,000 liters of diesel. Through its 60 mini-power plants HPS serves nearly 25,000 households in more than 250 villages impacts the lives of 1,50,000 people in rural India. HPS along with Samta Samriddhi Foundation supports and bears the cost of education of rural children.

HPS recently has bagged the International Ashden award for Sustainable Energy of the year 2011. Interested can find more information on Husk power systems through its official website

Degree for Money

Continuing education once we join job will become difficult. Opting for distance education will be unavoidable and many will look for short cut or easy routes. With a view to help earning and working people, many universities have started distance education. There are also certain binding for the distance education program that the candidates who register for distance education course should attend contact classes which will be conducted by universities at its campus or through its authorized centers. Attending of such classes is mandatory and it is also a part of course. Distance education is a good initiative helping people to upgrade their knowledge and skills utilizing their free time. All good initiatives will be always surrounded by bad motives, distance education is not an exemption.

Any state university which offers distance education is authorized to have study centers in the respective states only and compulsorily conduct contact classes according to the rules and regulation of UGC which co-ordinates the activities of Indian Universities. But many private state universities offer degree without following any guidelines put forth by the UGC and sells the degree only with the sake of making money.

Yesterday had read an advertisement about IGNOU offering Bachelor of Education (B. Ed.) program and told my neighbor about it who was keen to pursue B Ed in distance education mode. That time he mentioned about an university in Rajasthan which offers degree without any hassle. When he contacted the person in-charge of the university he responded in a friendly way and told to pay the prescribed money as fees and appear for the exams directly which will be held in coming November. Even he added that the degree will be awarded within six months of paying fees. My neighbor was in confused disconnected the call telling he will call the person in-charge the very next day. I warned my neighbor not to get in such scams and left his house thinking how universities which were supposed to be knowledge parks have transformed into money making sector. No wonder even if a few more universities will be started in coming years with a view to give degrees for money.

Even the incident made me to remember an incident happened in the initial days of joining engineering studies in Bangalore, one of my teacher had got Doctorate degree from an university situated in Australia. We thought it is an achievement that time to get doctorate from an university abroad, later came to know it was a fake degree and universities cant award degrees like that unless it is an honorary degree.

Writing giving rice

Writing is an art giving freedom to express writer’s feelings and thoughts. Many have taken writing as full time profession and making their living on it. Few write for hobby and a few as a profession. Writing as a profession has also become one of the trends in the recent years. Earlier the writers, poets were used to be working in some office making their means of living and in their free time they used to spend time on writing. Trend always change for every five or ten years, what was there ten years before as a trend is not there today and what is there today will not be there in future. It’s the turn for writers, many gave up their profession and took writing as a full time profession.

Internet has changed lives of people in many ways and it is hard to imagine most of the times in which way it can influence people, it has generated many writers on internet. Internet has also gave a new path for online advertisement and marketing, as a result many ways are created such as affiliate marketing, displaying ads, pay-per-click, pay-per-impression etc., Affiliate marketing is marketing products of a company on a writer’s or publisher’s website. A list of all products or selected products will be displayed on website of a writer or publisher, if any purchase is made following the affiliate link, a percentage of revenue generated through sales will be shared with the publishers. Displaying ads is advertising or displaying advertisements of a company or many companies on writer’s website. When an advertisement is displayed on a writer’s webpage, the company will pay directly to the writer or to an agency who acts as a middle man in the process. The authors will get paid for pay-per-impression and pay-per-click. Pay-per-impression is decided on the number of visitors to a website, the percentage of revenue shared will be low for pay-per-impression. Writers will be paid depending on hundred or thousand impression and not for every impression. In pay-per-click the writer or publisher will be paid when there is a click on the advertisement display portion of website. The percentage of revenue shared per advertisement will vary from one company to other.

Using benefits of online marketing many have found their means of living. Few are earning in five or six digit figure per month or year. Innovation has no boundaries and it will be always out of any binding, innovation in online marketing is giving rice to many writers worldwide.

Google AdSense's eighth birthday

One of the popular programs of Google is AdSense program. A boon for small publishers and a major portion of revenue for advertising companies is turning eight years old. AdSense has seen many developments from its inception. Google being developed as a small search engine as a part of an academic project developed into many folds in the last one decade. Google AdSense program has been so popular that everyone who tries to write blog will also try to have an AdSense account. Now the Google has become so strict that in its AdSense policy and having an AdSense account is not an easy piece of cake.

Initially AdSense started with only static image and text advertisement. Over a period of development even rich media and flash applications are also being employed. In the last eight years Google AdSense has become one of the popular programs and has given opportunity to people for becoming full time bloggers. The secret of how Google shares its revenue with publishers is not yet disclosed and it is still a top secret which many people are trying to find out. The blogger, popular blog site also has given enough options for the writers to integrate many things with blog site even including AdSense. Definitely anyone can agree Google AdSense has turned many lives who are spending enough time on internet and also people who love to do things on their own.

Such an enterprise is turning eight years old, I wish many more happy returns of day for Google AdSense.

New Reservation System in Educational Institutions

Education has gained lot of importance as the awareness about it has increases among people. Educational institutions are also increased like mush room, every small city has minimum three to four colleges. Colleges are giving seats on merit basis and much negligence towards students who have scored less in examination. Indian examination system is not at all a measure of intelligence, it is just a measure of reproducing the subject whatever student has studied. The admission to colleges has become a matter of pride for parents and a critical question of life and death for students. Caste based reservation is one of ways of reservation, apart from that other kind of reservation has to be introduced based on marks what the students has scored. It not only reduces the burden on parents who pays tons of fees and also increases creativity and humanity among students.

More the teachers give stress on scoring high marks students tries to remember the concepts as long. As students stick to remembering concepts, creativity will not be developed. Teachers should give importance to applying concepts in the real world that definitely increases creativity and also students like to learn such subjects. If all the academic toppers are clubbed in a class there won’t be any fun or joy in learning as toppers most of the times tries to cram the concepts than understanding. If along with academic toppers students who have scored less are also combined, academic toppers will also have healthy feeling towards students who have scored less in examination. It may be an astonishing fact that the academic toppers will think that the other students are useless and develop superiority complex which is not a good thing in the long run.

Knowledge always forms an integral part of education. An educational institution which is not able to impart values, morals, ethics and a firm basement in the subject and fail to make a student a good human being such an institute is useless and it is only aimed at making money. Even though the student scores will in examination and if he is not able to become good human being facing the challenges of life, it directly reflects that the education is improper. Education is not only making students to score high in examination, it should also aim at building society of good human beings.

Keeping these things in mind to avoid unhealthy competition educational institutions should give seats to students of all grades ranging from just ass to toppers. By removing caste based reservation if the marks based reservation is adopted, it largely serves the purpose of education reducing unhealthy competition. It is also a challenge for educational institutions producing 100% results, it is of no wonder to give 100% results by admitting students of above 90% score in examination. Such institutions should also give admission to students who score less along with students who score high and aim at giving 100% result also giving importance to impart qualities of becoming good human beings.

Cloud Computing a new path for IT companies

Cloud computing has become the voice of the IT companies now whether the company is small or big all are calculating the benefits available by adopting it. Small enterprises or development companies are looking for the companies which provide cloud services and the big enterprises are thinking and analyzing the various ways to provide better services from their cloud. The small enterprises going for cloud computing not only saves their cost on investment but also they pay for whatever they need. Cloud computing services offer some standard services which can be broadly classified as Software as a Service (SaaS), Infrastructure as a service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) Going for cloud computing reduces the cost on investment for purchasing new software and higher end hardware configurations, just by using the internet and browser the small companies can access the resource on cloud whenever they require paying whatever they used.

Cloud is a group of resource which can be accessed by any process for utilizing the resource, at a time many processes can request for cloud and the cloud manages them at a time. The process can be an internet browser through which the resource on cloud is requested and used. The results of computation or the services will be stored in the data centers situated in the various parts of the world. No body knows where exactly your data gets stored. But it can be accessed from anywhere by using an internet connection which has made cloud computing a powerful tool. Now the main concern is the security of data on cloud or data center.

Data centers will be placed in the geographical areas convenient to the companies providing cloud services. The data centers may be present in any country and it poses a question what is the guarantee that the data will be safe once it is in other country. Security has also gained much importance as what is the guarantee that the data doesn't fall into the wrong hands which poses a threat to the existence of a company itself. If the data centers in the other countries are affected by natural calamities that time there is danger that entire critical data which is in that particular data center will be lost. No claims can be made as the company will be present in the different country governing the laws of country in which data center is present. Even auditing the records on cloud also creates problem as there are no sophisticated tools which can be used to audit the reports on data stored in data centers. These are some of the issues which are creating hindrances for the small enterprises to move for cloud computing. Not only these in a developing country like India the internet connection is havoc and in some places the services won’t be resumed even after many hours which creates a hurdle for companies in improving business.

Eatables prepared using Maida flour

Maida flour has become a flour of wonder to me as it doesn’t have any dietary fibers and roughage creating more interesting fact how it get digested inside us. With much curiosity and with a spirit of enquiry started to search how maida flour will get digested inside human beings Many eatables such as Samosa, Vegetable or Egg Puffs, bread, biscuits are prepared using maida flour as a base. Along with maida flour there will be chemicals which gives extra softness and taste to eatables, their digestion in human body is very complex and many a times these chemicals kill the micro – organisms which are necessary for other bio –chemical reactions taking place in human body (approximately human beings will have 10 to the power 26 billion micro – organisms along with the digestive tract from mouth to anus, the chemicals which are used in preparing eatables are capable of killing all these in organisms in the same way as of a pesticide or an insecticide) Maida flour along with hot water makes a very good glue for posting wall papers.

Once we consume eatables prepared by maida flour, the salivary glands will produce more saliva as the eatables will be soft and difficult to swallow. The food we intake should pass through oesophagus before reaching stomach, if the food has dietary fibers and roughage the movement of food will be easy. But maida flour in eatables getting mixed with saliva forms a compound similar to glue and get stick to walls of oesophagus obstructing the easy movement. Human body should spend more energy for movement of maida flour turned gum to stomach and subsequent digestion. The maida flour will not have any vitamins, proteins or any other minerals useful for body but it requires more energy to digest such maida flour turned gum complex. The chemicals present in the maida flour (such as alloxane) mixing with hydrochloric acid (HCl) secreted by stomach forms toxic substances resulting in other stomach or digestive problems. Only stomach is not affected, the entire digestive tract starting with mouth, oesophagus, stomach, small intestine, large intestine will also get affected. Even the alloxane used for making maida flour extra soft will destroy the Beta – cells of pancreas which produces insulin, indirectly maida flour resulting in onset of diabetes. Avoid eatables prepared with maida flour as much as possible, it requires approximately five times more energy than the energy required to digest normal food.

Recently was going through a bi – monthly, it has an article featuring an organization in Kerala which is creating awareness among the people of state about using maida flour and its danger combing with twelve different prominent organizations. Even they have published a small book on danger of using Maida flour.

Mobile Phone Friendship

I completed high school and PU College in small town but never had exposure modern gadgets or internet during that time. For Engineering studies moved to Bangalore and it was like a cocoon coming out of its nest, everything and everyone was new. That was the first time I was visiting Bangalore alone was shocked by the life style of the people, people running behind the buses to reach the work place in time. No body was there to guide me how to reach my uncle’s home. Enquired the buses going to the address and a humane bus driver guided me. Without thinking much got into the bus and sat in the front row of the bus, I was asked to move back as it was reserved for Women passengers only! I didn’t get seat and was standing. Everyone was busy in their own world and a few were busy on mobile phones. That was the first time so many people using mobile phone. Over the period time slowly I also learnt usage of internet and owned a mobile too. Was keeping mobile as sacred one and always took care such that no scratches should be made on Mobile display. Joined the college and introduced with the students who had also come for studies from different places, with much curiosity all exchanged our numbers also. It was the same time different mobile service companies offered the free messages that too 100 messages per day and it became the major means of communication. I was exposed to new means of communication which I never imagined till that time.

One among us was a student from rural Gulbarga who used to be busy always on the phone. It was an unusual thing for us as we never used to get calls so frequently and the only call we used to receive is from the home! Without controlling curiosity asked him what is the matter and who calls you so frequently? The answer he gave was quite shocking, he was the first person to have a mobile phone in his village and he gave his number to everyone with pride when he visited there. People who were curious to know how the conversation will takes place on mobile phone had also called him!

Free messages by the various cellular companies were also at boom that time. It was boon to many as even messages can be freely sent to unknown numbers and if the people on the other side reply to the messages it was pavement for new friendship. Like that also few among my friends gained new friendship with people who they never saw and most of the times those friendships used to be continue longer if the person who has responded to the message is girl. The messaging or texting was as common as that of speaking to the person in front only to stop during sleep in late nights and to start early with a good morning message. Nest stage was to meet up, some how organizing vitamin – M (code word for money) these guys used to meet girls in secret and slowly turned the friendship into love and romance. Few broke up with these relationships in the daily pressure of studies and busy schedules and a few with the thinking that they can’t hook up longer but a few kept these relationships with a plan to tying knots in the coming future, need to wait and watch. A few among the break ups had started going to bars and to drink with a reason that they want to forget the pain (as if the girl has agreed for marriage and later cheated) comparing their love with Layla – Majnun and Salim – Anarkali and a few tried promptly to get mobile numbers of other girls from various sources!

This kind of friendship was new to me and never even attempted to give a try with fear but enjoyed the stories which my friends used to narrate me in their own ascent.

Using Indian Rupee symbol

Indian currency has also got an unique symbol. Indian Government has officially declared the symbol also. May be in another few years the Rupee Symbol will be used in place commonly used Rs or Rupees. The symbol was selected based on an All India Competition and five members jury committee finalized the design of Mr. Uday Kumar. The symbol is said to have origin Devanagari script and deceived from the letter ‘Ra’

Now, the issue is using Rupee symbol in computer. Many companies have come forward to produce to manufacture key boards having Rupee symbol in further productions, yet to see the new symbol on key board. Even there is alternative for using Rupee symbol without having that symbol on key board.

Download the Rupee font file from any of the links available on internet or it can be downloaded from the link Indian Rupee

Save the file and copy the downloaded file into Fonts. Go to control panel and paste the downloaded file in the Fonts folder.

Rupee symbol is ready to use, open the word pad and select the font ‘Rupee Foradian’ or Rupee. Changing the font, if you press the button which is present on left side of number 1 and having symbol ‘ ~ ’ you will get the Rupee Symbol that is ‘ ` Even you can type letters and numbers also by using the font ‘Rupee Foradian’

Ayurveda is not a system of medicine

Everyday news papers and television will have an advertisement on some herbal products claiming that they are very good for health or sometimes for growing hair and body muscles. Addition to the product advertisement there will be tag line “Ayurvedic product, absolutely no side effects”. It is an effort to attract customers. Ayurveda never tells about medicines for curing disease like Allopathic system of medicine, it gives information on how one should live and lead a happy life. Ayurveda is not a system of medicine, it is a way of living life adopting few principles. Ayurveda also suggests taking medicine only when required, it also aims at benefit of an entire human being not only on disease. A modern medicine system aims at only curing the disease not considering the side or adverse effects of taking medicines. You might have noticed those who are on medication from a long time are suffering with various health problems including head ache, tiredness, kidney problem, skin allergies etc. Ayurveda has many home remedies for cold, cough and fever which are considerably effective and better than modern medicine.

Most of the products which claims to be of herbal origin or Ayurvedic origin won’t be genuine. They will be having added chemicals or even few with an aim to cheat people modern medicines will be packed in the bottles having label of herbal medicine. Consult a good Ayurvedic practitioner for taking proper guidance on Ayurveda. Any drug which is of Allopathic, Ayurvedic, Unani or Homeopathic origin should not be used without a proper medical supervision or prescription. Don’t do self medication.

Ayurveda preaches to lead a simple and contented life, avoid negative feelings such as hatred, jealously, anger. It will surely keep you healthy. Love everyone. Live by the dictates of Sanathana Dharma which even Ayurveda preaches ‘Vasudaiva Kutumbakam’, whole world is one large family. Don’t forget the words which Krishna has taught in Bhagavad-Gita ‘Don’t cry for whatever you lost in life, you have not brought anything to lose, whatever happens is for good.’

Who will wipe trees tears?

Man is the most intelligent creature identified on this Earth. But sometimes even he also behaves in such a manner that nobody can beat him in idiocy. Trees of minimum two hundred or three hundred years of existence are being cut for the extension of roads. Human beings can come and go but trees are there from two or three centuries, how fair is it to destroy trees which have given shadow to people travelling on road and sometimes fruits. Such trees are being cut down mercilessly today. If it is very much required to expand a road one can do so by constructing a new road on the either side of tree rather than cutting down tree. Those who sit for strike in the name of country, caste or organization should think of these. Nobody can help us if we can’t survive ourselves. Organized effort is necessary.

We have worshipped few species of plants from the ancient times and considered cutting down of trees is a work of sin. At least think before you cut down a tree, a plant requires minimum of ten years to grow into a tree but it just requires just ten minutes to cut it down. We Indians showed the world that plants and trees also have life and they are not non – living organisms, it doubles the responsibility on us. Knowing that trees also has life how can we cut them and be happy even they are the creation of same creator who created us. How can we be so heartless without listening to trees cry?

Soap Nuts

Soap nuts gives better leather than soap but soap nuts are not prepared chemically. They are available naturally and even called soap berry. Soap nut has all the properties of a soap and Detergent. From the pre – historic times there are evidences in which soap nuts are being used as a soap to rinse hair, use as soap to take bath and also detergent to wash cloths, utensils etc., and Soap nut also has very good medicinal value and the outer shell of soap nut is used as medicine in the treatment of many diseases. My grand mother’s place has plenty of soap nut trees and never gave importance till I read an article about soap nut in a news paper recently. Soap nuts are dark brown and chocolate colored nuts with mild sticky nature. At my grand mother’s place soap nuts are being used for washing silver utensils, sometimes gold jewelry as it is believed to give shininess and also they are used by people to rinse their hair as soap nut also has nourishing property. People using soap nuts there for rinsing hairs doesn’t even know the problems like increased hair fall, dandruff, itching etc., with much curiosity I started to collect information on soap nuts.

Soap nuts are produced by trees belonging to genus Sapindus belonging to family of Lychee tress. Genus Sapindus has ten to twelve different species of trees which produces soap nuts, one more interesting fact about soap nut is on the same tree soap nuts of different colors are produced (such as light brown and dark brown) Soap nuts are being widely used in Asian countries and also great Indian Epics and Ayurvedic treatise contains information on it, in India it is popularly known as Rita. Chemically soap nuts contains little sticky substance saponine and sapindoside types such as sapindoside A, sapindoside B, sapindoside C, sapindoside D, sapindoside E. It nourishes the skin and hairs also preventing from dermal allergies. Soapnuts shell soaked in hot water for an hour can be used as shampoo. It gives better lather with soft water and where as hard water requires more soap nut shells. Don’t use shampoo having Rita as its content it is not so useful as that of naturally available and also has many chemicals in it. The shampoos which are available in market are just the mixture of harmful chemicals even containing petro chemicals which has an adverse effect on skin and scalp.

Using soap nuts for rinsing hair and applying virgin coconut oil regularly prevents all kind of hair problems. The benefit of soap nut is difficult to list and the list is endless as it has advantages ranging from simple washing detergent to preparation of cancer drugs. Companies and people thinking of Going Green initiative should think of using such naturally available resources in our surroundings.

In the World of Medicines

Pharmacy stores have gained lot of popularity in a few years, which is a direct indication of people depending on medicines almost parallel to food. Medicines are to be taken only when human system fails to show resistance against some infection caused by foreign particles. The medicines we take boost our immune system to kill the foreign particles. But now the medicines are taking permanent place in our regular food diet. This was not the case just a decade before, how medicines gained so much importance and has become as common as food? Something is working around us making us to believe we get health by taking regular medicine.

When a foreign substance or particle enters into human body normally human body shows response against it and kills the foreign substance entering our body (killing here refers to destroying.) In the process body temperature will rise a bit and comes to normal after a certain time but taking medicines or tablets which are readily available for reducing body temperature will definitely affect. The tablet will reduce body temperature more than required acting against the immune system of our body. In long run medicine will definitely affect working of kidney as taking medicine increases solute concentration in the Nephrons objecting the normal function. It is just an example.

Similar to increase in body temperature other commonly seen infection is common cold. There is no effective medicine for common cold but still there are many tablets available in market with a label it will heal the cold. Many institutions with huge research funding stated worldwide to discover medicine for common cold was shut down without any encouraging results. Only thing which these research institutes concluded is Indian Spices are effective for reducing the virulence of virus causing common cold.

Avoid taking medicine without being prescribed by your family doctor. Always have a good kind hearted person as your family doctor than having doctor without a kind heart. Visit your family doctor even you have a little variation in your health. He can guide you what suits you best. Always avoid medicines and also doctors who acts as agents of pharmaceutical companies.

“Be healthy by having a family doctor with a kind heart.”

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) the very name suggests the Optimization techniques used on Search Engines to give better results. Search Engine Optimization helps to rank a webpage when a user enters a query into Search Engine. The website which is listed on the top of Search result will generate more revenue than other websites having lower page ranks. Website owners tend to rank their webpages in the top list of Search Engine result this has lead the path for companies which offer Search Engine Optimization. If you are a website owner then there will be minimum five companies which approach you with the idea of Search Engine Optimization. There are many fake companies also which cheats website owners assuring that thy have contacts or collaboration with popular Search Engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo! Don’t fall prey for such companies with tempting advertisements, you may be astonished to know Google Search Engine ranks your website depending upon nearly two hundred parameters and the algorithms which the Google uses to rank webpages is like a secret recipe which only Google knows!

The companies which work on Search Engine Optimization techniques will help the Search Engines (in turn Searchbots) to get the accurate information by structuring the contents of webpage. In other words the SEO companies will organize the contents of your websites in a way readable by Searchbots. It is just like representing the contents of websites in a way better understandable by Searchbots and helps to indicate the keywords which Searchbots will return to the webservers of Search Engines. This doesn’t guarantee that your page will be ranked in top of Search results. As mentioned earlier nobody knows how the Search Engines work algorithmically so beware of fraud companies which assure you with higher page ranking.

Don’t underestimate any company which owns a Search Engine, they have better technical team and a set of experts who design Search Engine itself an have capacity to refine the Search results which is even far from imagination by the companies which offer Search Engine Optimization service. The only thing which companies with SEO service can offer is that they help in organizing your page contents and keywords in a way understandable by the Searchbots and nothing else.

Working of Search Engines

Search Engines have gained significant importance over a last decade. Recent technology of ‘Search Engine Optimization’ has grown crossing all limits, even some of the software companies are earning their lively hood through the technique of Search Engine Optimization. There are many search engines among which the popular ones are Google, Bing and Yahoo. Google search engine has gained much popularity and a few has a feeling that Google is the alternate name of Search Engines. Have you ever given thought how do search engine works? How do they search a query you enter and give results? Do search engines have any special mechanism based on which they work? An attempt to answer such questions is done through this blog.

Whenever you a give a query in search engine it will display a set of results with the words matching your query. Basically and broadly search engines woks in three stages such as

  • Crawling with Searchbots
  • Indexing key words
  • Executing query

Crawling with Searchbots:

Searchbots are similar to search robots whose work is to crawl or search though the web pages. Whenever anyone updates their websites with any information, these dedicated search robots will crawl through the web pages making a note of important key words and returns the results to the web server, in turn webservers stores such keywords.

Indexing Keywords:

The keywords which are returned from crawling searchbots will be stored in the webservers which are dedicated for this purpose owned by the Search Engine owner companies such as Google, Bing or Yahoo. There will be several webservers which will be running parallel storing the address of returned keywords. The addresses f keywords are stored in webservers and the process is called indexing keywords as it creates an index of keywords in webservers.

Executing Query:

Whenever any user enters a query, the search engine will search the indexed pages for the similar keywords as that of user entered query if found will be returned as the result. There are many ways in which webserver indices work, it will first search for the exact keyword as that of user entered one, if not found it will fetch almost similar document which has maximum user entered keywords. While fetching the result, the search engine gives the link to the original document on which the query is found.

The process of search engine may look simple but it has lot of mathematical algorithms running at the back – end to fetch the result in fraction of seconds. Different search engines work on different Algorithms for executing the queries.

Google, the company which made a difference starting from its inception was mentored by an Indian born Computer Scientist Late Professor Rajeev Motwani in its initial days. In his honour Google has created Rajeev Motwani memorial Professorship at the University of Stanford where Dr Motwani was a much respected Professor.

Teaching in Mother Tongue or Vernacular Language

Education in mother tongue or vernacular language should be made compulsory till a child reaches a certain age. Understanding the subject content is more important than memorizing the subject. If a student understands subject well it won’t be difficult for him to reproduce or write in the examination. But if it is forced memorization it lasts only till the end of examination, later if you ask anything child feels it difficult to reproduce it. One more tragedy of our education system is it just checks the memory power of the student not the creativity. Examination results are just the reflection of what a student was able to recall in three hours at the closed examination hall.

Education in mother tongue considerably increases the knowledge and confidence level in student. As a result of globalization and call center culture, parents tend to send their children to reputed schools where even what students should carry for lunch also will be instructed by the schools! In other words, parents and schools try to impose their rules, regulation and dreams on children which not only seems to be a burden subsequently it also reduces the student’s interest in learning with excitement.

Usually parents at home use mother tongue or vernacular language where as in schools they use English as a standard language and a few act as if speaking in English is a birth right and it gives status and dignity. But speaking in English at school and vernacular language at home creates a gap in communication, apart from the school time the children will be at home which is more compared to the time they spend in school. Considerably influence of mother tongue will be more. In this scenario if the students are taught in vernacular language they learn fast than they learn in any other language which is foreign to them. “Children are born extraordinary and schools make them ordinary confining them to a fixed boundary” said by a great scientist. Schools are just aiming at giving higher results but not bothered about creating a responsible society imbibing moral and ethics which is very much required.

It should be made compulsory to have education in mother tongue with English as a subject than the medium of instruction. The famous scientists and Engineers produced by the countries such as Germany, Japan and even United Kingdom impart education to children in their mother tongue. In UK if the education is given in English it doesn’t make much difference as the vernacular language there is English but in India, we should think seriously about adopting mother tongue as medium of instruction. We know that Vedas, Epics and Upanishads are written in Sanskrit which was a vernacular language in India during ancient times. Adopting vernacular language or mother tongue as the medium of instruction and having all subjects in vernacular language definitely give its fruits.

The next danger which needs immediate attention

The next danger to our planet ‘Earth’ is not the nuclear power or the wars between the countries. The next danger is the plastic we use in day to day life. In a recent research survey it is clearly shown how plastic will make living of organisms itself difficult on Earth. The plastic we use is less than 20 micron units and it is not possible to recycle. If we try to recycle such plastic which has less than 20 micron unit thickness, it will produce or release toxic substances to the environment. One of the best examples is release of Carbon – Monoxide (CO) which will be released to atmosphere when plastic is burnt. Even the left over food which we throw to garbage in plastic covers is eaten by the cows or the animals resulting in death by the rupture of plastic in the digestive tract making swallowing of food difficult. Plastic has become so inevitable that for anything we depend on it. You can rarely see people going to market carrying bags, all will go to market with a hope that vendor is forced to give plastic bags to keep his business or else we won’t mind walking to vendors who sell vegetables and packs them in plastic bags! This scenario has to be changed.

Minimizing plastic not only keeps our planet Earth greener but also healthier. Plastic doesn’t get degrade, it will be deposited in the same way for centuries together and the plastic which is deposited in Earth’s crest also prevents water to be absorbed by the Earth. Slowly it may enter into the human food ecological chain creating imbalance as it is non – bio degradable and producing toxic substances which can result in genetic mutations in the further generations. Avoid using plastic covers as much possible, prevent going to market without bags. Be healthy and allow mother Earth also to be green!

Going Green

One more World Environment Day is set and as usual many companies recited the same one day mantra of ‘Go Green’, which will be added to the pages of history like the previous years. Saving environment or ‘Go Green’ should not be a slogan for a day, it should be a celebration every day. The major aim at going green is avoiding manufacturing new products and encouraging recycling or reusing the products which are manufactured already using Green resources such as Wood and its by products, plastic containers etc., Not only those, we can think of alternative sources of energy such as Solar Energy, wind Energy in day to day life.

Today popular English daily Times of India has also printed the news paper using the entirely recycled newspaper, it is a welcome initiative. If it adopts the same through out the year, it will be very helpful for saving trees. Not only Times all news paper should think about going for recycled paper. Now internet is readily available every where at least they should read the paper online version that is e – paper version. Al the news papers have e-versions but none of the news papers are encouraging people going for e – versions. It considerably reduces the paper printing cost.

Next is milk, even one can think of using containers made of glass or steel instead of using non – bio degradable plastic. The danger of recycling milk cover is there are chances such that recycled plastic may add any toxic substance to the milk. One should think of alternative resources of doing so as the toxic agents once enters the food chain make generations to suffer. Hope all know about the effect of spraying ‘Endosulfan’ as an insecticide, which entered the human food chain and disturbed the normal genetic behavior.

There is no hard bound rule to be followed which keeps planet Greener. If everyone makes sustained effort following their own way and contribute their share, one can think of better future. We are the ones who should change and the style of our living rather than waiting for someone else to do!


It is difficult to get anything in pure or original form in market. Whatever available is a mixture or contamination or an imitation of a reputed brand. When there are so many branded companies still why the vendors go for local or contaminated brands. Am not telling local brands are of low quality, even there are exceptions whose quality is much better than branded ones. What matters much is the money. In branded items the margin of profit will be very less. Very less means the profit is not even 5% percent of the money what the vendors invest.

The next brilliant idea what vendors will do is buying local contaminated brands and selling it mentioning no supply of branded items or distributor is not there or any reason convincing buyers! The contaminated products not only give better profit margins for vendors but also give an opportunity for customers to buy at lower rates. Many times the local contaminated brands will be an imitation of original brands itself. These duplicate brands not only looks similar to original ones but also have ISI certification label on them which makes customers like me to go for it thinking it has ISI certification. But if we observe carefully we can make out false brands or duplicate brands. The names of such duplicate brands will have little variation. The graphics design on the cover will be same as that of original but the name spelling will be different. Almost all popular brands have the duplicate imitation brands. You might have come across names such as Alpliabe - a variant of Alpenliabe, Bislery – a variant of popular branded water bottle manufacturer Bisleri, Aquafine – a variant of Aquafina, Parel G – a variant of biscuit Parle G the list is endless. Only thing which can be done to stop or discourage such variants is we the customers should be aware of what we use and buy!

Exam based Teaching

Teaching has reduced to business. India is the only country which has rare divine culture of student – teacher relationship. But now spoilt to the core, teaching has become business. Students will pay money and teachers will teach for the money they take. Teaching is no more a noble profession, it has lost its moral and ethics. The trend has come up such that the teacher will be good only if he or she teaches the things which are necessary for exams. If he tries to impart any moral or values to students, he will be considered as a preacher than the teacher in the modern scenario. The scenario is so worst that students consider a teacher as an ideal only if teaches the syllabus well and prepares the students well for examination purpose. This kind of attitude makes students only informative but not knowledgeable.

There is lot of difference between a student being knowledgeable and informative. An example for this is, a student knows that it will be harmful and chances of accidents will be more if any one speaks on mobile phone while driving or riding. But knowing this still student like to drive or ride while speaking. The students won’t be having knowledge of how it will spoil their life if they meet up an accident. This is just an instance. You can just verify yourself what is being informative and knowledgeable. They may look similar but that is not the case. Current scenario of teaching that is exam based teaching will make students more informative but less knowledgeable, which is always dangerous.

Visiting Bangalore again

Receiving Andhra Pradesh PG Engineering Entrance hall ticket, planned again to go Bangalore as it is near to Tirupati also. I could have saved another trip if I got the hall ticket well in advance. This time I will do day journey by Shimoga – Bangalore intercity train. Left home in the morning 4:30 with luggage along with that carried the Idly which my mother has prepared getting up at morning 3:30. With me there was a family from my place which added more joy to the journey and I didn’t feel any boredom till I reached Bangalore. Even I realized moving train is like moving discussion forum where you will exchange idea, knowledge and current happenings often. Candidates who appear for public service commission examination once in a while should do day train journey which sufficiently increases their knowledge with less effort.

Reached Bangalore by 12’o clock noon also enjoyed the taste of local food and jack fruit on the way. As I mentioned earlier, Bangalore changes every day, I couldn’t find where is Volvo bus stand. Nobody knew also. Just had a look at Sri Lakshmi Hayagriva Swami Temple, still the crowd was there where there used to be no one earlier. Thanks to the TV channel which helped people to find a place to tranquil in midst of their busy schedule. Reached Yelahanka the place of Kempegowda, founder of Bangalore by noon 2’o clock and having lunch retired myself for a brief sleep!

Movies advertisement tactics

New movies used to be released on every Friday and huge crowd was guaranteed. On Friday’s every theatre used to be full of college students who will present on first show of Friday without fail. Movies used to be released only in selected theaters after showing it for few days, the movie was to be showed in other small cities, like that the cycle used to continue. People used to enjoy the movie and song. There was no separate release for Audio and Movie. But now all the movies will be released at a time in all the theaters and also audio will be released before the movie. Why is it so?

The main objective of releasing movie in all theaters at a time is it generates the revenue as much as it generates after running hundreds of shows. People will watch on first day of movie even if it is good or not. Before the people who watched film and comment on the movie, substantial portion of people will watch the movie and the producer will get the money whatever he invested on the very first day without waiting for fifty or hundred day collection. Other technique movie releasers do is releasing Audio before Video.

Every movie will have one title song and it will be made popular. If the song is made popular, people will be tempted to see how the movie is and will wait for the releasing date. The song will be telecasted on television repeatedly to attract people. Once this is done half the work is finished. Along with playing song releasers make sure that they also display the movie release date. Automatically this attracts people on first date and they surely watch the movie at theaters. Even if the movie fails at the Box – Office, producer will get the money back whatever he has invested.