AdSense enabled on one Gmail account and the feeds on the other

Having feeds for blog has become important, in the long run it provides a good number of followers to your blog. Monetizing the feed will help in publishing the advertisement to all readers at a time increasing the reach. The problem is having a Google AdSense account enabled on one Gmail account and owning feed or blog through another Gmail account. In this scenario one cannot directly put the AdSense on feeds, in blogger monetizing the blogs are allowed only if the feeds are owned by the admin of blog.

This problem can be easily solved in two ways:

1) In blogger, a blog can have hundred authors and they can be given status of Admin. If you are having a blogger account with and Ad Sense account with, what you can do is just invite as an author or a publisher to your blog. You will receive an email invitation on from for the purpose of verification. Once you verify, will be added as an author on blog owned by Logging into blogger through, you can change the permission of to Admin. Next set the address of feed owned by for email subscription. Now you can see that feeds are monetized.

2) Other method is also quite simple and considering the same case, using the blog by and owning the feed on Login into your feed account via, you will get the list of feeds. Click on desired feed and you will get three options edit feed details, delete feed and transfer. Select transfer feed, give the email address Authenticate the same on, now the feeds are transferred on to Set the feed address in the email subscription. Without any hassle you can set the address as the feeds are owned by itself.


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