Towards Satellites with Love

Recently GSAT satellite was launched by ISRO and it landed successfully on its orbit. Entire country celebrated the joy and scientists at ISRO were on clod nine. The satellite will be controlled from the International Satellite Control Unit at Hassan, Karnataka. The big antennas placed in the Hassan campus will send and receive signals from the GSAT satellite. The hard work, dedication and knowledge of scientists saw its fruits. The satellite will help in telecommunication and related aspects. GSAT is the one more to the list started by the launch of Aryabhata in the year 1975. In the thirty six years of India’s journey into the satellite launching there are many success and failures and the citizens of country mourned when there was failure. To build a satellite several millions of money is spent. The benefits which we are enjoying by these satellites are tremendous.

Every year in budget a considerable portion of money is invested on the technological development and many claim that it is too less compared to other countries. But in countries like India we are spending on technologies more than what we require and none of the projects and schemes are aiming at the development of common man. Rich people are getting richer and the poor becoming very poor. Instead of spending so much on technology and related things, it can be spent on improving the condition of rural people. Death of our rural people is mainly due to the hunger and the lack of even one time proper food. Millions of our children are suffering from nutritional deficiency. Not only children even the pregnant women are suffering from Nutritional deficiency. Scientists speaking on improving the condition of science in India will never even think of creating a better living condition for the people of the country.

Pregnant women are not having nutritious food. The development of foetus will start from its fertilization and by the end of nine months the basic development of all parts of foetus will get over. Once the baby is delivered, it will have poorly developed organs such as heart, brain or any system in the body with the possibility of death within the age of thirty. The idea of feeding pregnant women proposed by Dr B. M. Hegde, a very wise man and the retired Vice-Chancellor of Manipal University is not considered seriously by the state and central governments. The idea proposed by Dr Hegde is quite simple, it is to feed the women from the day the first menstrual cycle stops indicating the occurrence of pregnancy. It will result in proper growth and development of delivering a healthy baby.

A part of money what we spend on military and technological development such as satellites, space shuttles, landing on moon etc, can be spent on education and providing basic requirements to the less fortuned. We will be here on this Earth for only few years, at least make others also happy like us. There are many unfortunates around who don’t have two course meal and basic requirements like toilet, a proper house etc. No one is going to stay here permanently but at least we can contribute a little to keep the fellow men happy.


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