One year of Blogging: 167 posts, 9600 visits!

Today this blog has completed one year of its existence. A blog which was started last year 29th of March just to share information or express whatever I feel has completed one year. This one year was a fruitful year, I was able to produce 167 posts which received nearly 10,000 visits which I never expected for a start up blog which doesn’t have any one specific niche, I was just hoping to get a maximum of 5,000 visits.

On a personal note the year that went on with blogging had many changes in my life. I shifted to Hyderabad. This was the year which I started teaching. Initially I started with the intermediate students at my home town as a way to spend free time, currently teaching the under graduate students of engineering and also I have enrolled myself for a post graduate degree in computer science and engineering.

I have no specialization or niche blog to write on only specific topics. I have written on broad topics, some are on biographies, places, books, social issues and very rarely on technology. Most of the time I avoid writing on technology as Internet has full of blogs and websites of Technical details of technology or gadgets.

Learnt a lot on blogging and felt blogger as a comfortable blogging platform. Posting Blogs are as easy as that of writing and sending an email. Sometimes even suffered with writer’s block not been able to write anything except once when I wrote on Blogger’s block itself. Also I was on cloud nine when I received sensible comments on my blog.

With this am stepping into the second year of blogging, hoping to produce good number of posts with quality content.

Love and Agappi

Don’t think that it is an outdated post as the Valentine’s Day is over a month before. In the today’s world we have got an impression that Love is Lust. The word love is being only used to indicate the relationship between a boy and a girl and we are forgetting all other forms of love. In this post, I try to write about what is the meaning of the word ‘Love’ and how it came into existence.

The word ‘Love’ is from the Greek language. There are different types of love namely Eros, Philia, Storge and Agappi.

Eros – the erotic love comparable to that of word Lust, used to indicate the love between husband and wife. It can be even physical attraction.

Philia – is described as love of wisdom. It is more of commercial kind maintained based on or looking into the benefits of relation.

Storge – is a kind of natural affection, best example is father’s or mother’s affection towards the offspring.

Agappi – is the important one referring to the pure love. It is not of physical attraction as mentioned in the Eros. It is the love towards the fellow men.

Of all these types or senses of Love as called in Greek language the one which is required is the last one Agappi. Love towards our fellow men.

Love has meaning in the broad sense and reduced to indicate the lust in the recent times. Our ancient scriptures and our ancient culture had the concept similar to the Agappi. In the concrete world raised because of technology renaissance we are not having time to see the faces of neighbors and most of the times we won’t be knowing who stays in our next house!

I feel if we adopt the concept of Agappi instead of waiting anyone else to do it first, we can hope to have or see the new world where we are losing all kind of relationships and values of humanity.

How he became a Doctor?

The teaching institute which I am working is situated quite far from the city and the college buses operate from city to college and vice versa to make convenient for the students and faculty to come to the college. Normal wear and tear is common with the buses. Many times students complain regarding the improper maintenance of the college buses and the problems such as damage to the new dresses of them happening during the journey. One more problem is the window glass breakage. I feel that is mainly because of humps on the roads and the vibrations caused by humps on the glass breaks them over a period of time.

Recently it was happened that one of the window glass broke and it was about to fall on the student’s head who was standing below near the bus. One more student inside the bus kept his hand and held the glass in hand to avoid the glass falling down. His hand had a minor cut and bleeding was not in control, initial observation showed that it has to be stitched. I was there when the incident happened and took the student to the near by hospital giving him first aid by the pharmacy department faculty.

We reached the hospital and the doctor was available. The attendant removed the bandage put earlier and cleaned the wound with the sterilizing solution. The attendant did everything himself from cleaning to stitching and the doctor who was having MBBS degree was just standing and seeing the happenings. Finally five stitches were put by the attendant and the so called doctor wrote and gave a certificate that the stitches had been put.

The doctor who was supposed to give treatment and console the patient in pain was just a doctor by education and knew nothing. Even to give the TT injection, doctor was asking attendant how much dose to give and what pain killers to write in the prescription to take after the stitches.

I was just thinking how he became a doctor without knowing anything. He was not even knowing what to do if a patient comes, the case may be worse if the attendant was not available. Even the thought rolled in my mind that are we lacking in the practical knowledge and our education system is just imparting theoretical knowledge present in the books?