Boating and Kayaking at Nilayapet Lake

It was really horrible journey from Hyderabad to Kuntala falls. The bus we hired was having little lesser blow in one of its front wheels and upon enquiring driver assured that is just because of weight and nothing to worry. As we just proceeded to look for any shops having air blowing pump, it ended up without any success. For our bad luck even stepney wheel was punctured! Finally changed tires exchanging front ones with rear as rear side will have two tires. By the time we helped driver in changing tires and settle down, battery was down and we were asked to push the bus. That was the height of bad luck but we learnt very good lesson about precautions to take while going for long trip. 

Nilaypet lake - Nirmal Taluk 

We reached Kuntala falls enjoyed and came near bus. For our surprise driver was not around and left the keys in bus itself. We searched for him in the vicinity for more than two hours but we were clueless about him where he disappeared suddenly. After losing hopes of him coming back we were about to start vehicle and go as keys were there. After almost two and half hours all of a sudden driver appeared from nowhere and told that he was having sleep. Quickly we started from there to Medak as we were planning to do Kayaking and boating there. It was late and we stopped at Sing is King Dhaba for food. Food was quite ok and we found that it is difficult to reach Medak before sunset.

blowing air to air boats

We could see a lake in front of dhaba and just went to see whether it is possible to do boating in that. Even though there were no traces of anyone doing that before. We thought it can be done as the lake was good and water was also quite free from pollution.

ready to get into water

We parked bus, untied Kayaks and pumped air to boats and started boating and kayaking one by one. Meanwhile villagers also came and started watching us thinking we are catching fish as they are not aware of doing all these for fun. When I asked they said it is Nilaypet lake of Nirmal taluk. Even police en route visited us and enquired about the happenings. Upon knowing even they were interested and did boating and Kayaking with us. It was good to interact with them.

Police Inspector doing Kayaking

Till sunset we enjoyed and started back to Hyderabad. Luck again not favoring us just few kilometers before Hyderabad fuel got over in bus! Again searched for empty bottles and one local guy upon request took driver to nearby fuelling station and brought fuel. In half an hour, we started from there and reached Hyderabad quite late. But fun was ultimate as it was exploring the unexplored!

Kuntala Waterfall and Cave temple

Kuntala waterfall is one of the beautiful waterfalls of India. It is in Adilabad district of Andhra Pradesh and need to take diversion on the Hyderabad – Adilabad route near Neredigonda. Waterfall is around 40 kms from the city of Nirmal. Kuntala waterfall is also popular picnic spot during monsoons as many from Hyderabad and Maharashtra visit to this place. Even cave temple having Shivainga is also popularly called as Someshwara and worshipped by the surrounding villagers. Also, fair will be arranged during Mahashivaratri.

kuntala waterfall - imagine how it will be in monsoon

The rocks with sharp edges under water can proved to be fatal as many deaths happened over the last few years. Be careful while getting into water and it is safe not to get in water during monsoon. But there will be no water during other months so one can carefully explore and enjoy the beauty of climbing up and down the rocks equally enjoying pleasant atmosphere with water flowing without any pressure.

pressure less flow allowing to explore around

Apart from being good place to enjoy waterfalls, surrounding greenery also makes one happy and makes to spend some more time at this place. Luckily this place is not much commercial as much as others. An added advantage is there is nothing much to walk and just in ten or fifteen minutes one can reach near the waterfalls.

Cave temple is having Shivalinga and it is difficult to get in to it as it requires balanced climbing on a slope rock. I doubt anyone visiting this temple during monsoon. But in other seasons one can try taking little risk, it is not totally difficult. It is believed that at this cave temple Kanva Maharshi did penance and also the place got the name because of Shankunthala beloved of Dushyantha as she used to take bath in this picture square waterfall.

cave temple

Shivainga with Nandi inside cave

There are no buses directly going to Kuntala so it is better to go by own vehicle or hire a vehicle from Nirmal which 40 kms from this waterfall.

Vibhooti (Vibhuti) falls

Vibhooti falls is one of the many hidden waterfalls of Karwar (previously called North Canara) district and Western Ghats. Many are ignorant of this waterfall. Usually visitors to Yaana from Sirsi side will go to this waterfall. Identifying the location of this falls is quite difficult as there are no large boards giving directions.

water falling in three stages

This waterfall cannot be visited or it will not be on the way if you are taking Kumta – Yana direct route via Divgi Bridge. Vibhooti falls can be easily visited from Yaana as it is at a distance of around ten kilometers from there. Look for a house (quite larger one with coconut and areca nut trees) on the left side of road while taking right turn in the road connecting Yaana and Gokarna. There are not many houses so one can identify the house easily while descending the Vaddi Ghats. Look for house on the right side of the road if you are taking left turn on the way to Yaana from Gokarna.

just near the waterfall

water force is less, one can play

One has to trek for around two kilometers to reach the waterfalls from the Chennagaru village as four wheelers can’t go through in the narrow path. I have seen few bikes coming down while trekking, don’t know where they will park once they take narrow path or maybe they will take till half the way.

narrow path

Usually there won’t be any one to guide and need to take villagers or other passing by vehicles help to reach this water fall so be careful while moving around six kilometers from Yaana.

closed look of waterfalls

Trekking path is quite narrow and bit difficult as the trek route is full of ups and downs. The sound of water falling is audible while nearing the falls. Many from Sirsi and surrounding places visit this place as a picnic spot. There are no shops nearby to purchase anything so carry food or anything you may require.

need to cross these routes to witness close look

no other way to go if you won't bend or jump this

Yaana and near by places on map

Legend says that the Vibhooti falls is formed by the washing away of ashes from burning of Bhasmasura at Yaana. Vibhooti falls looks beautiful as it falls in two or three steps and makes it favorite spot for playing in water.