Monday, 13 April 2015

Net Neutrality Matters

Net Neutrality is widely discussed on blogs, newspapers, and facebook user pages and on other sources all over the nation and even in World. This blog post is an attempt to understand net neutrality in common man’s perspective. I support Net Neutrality.

The whole concept of net neutrality debate started in many countries in the past and they have agreed for net neutrality with an opinion that Internet is must for growth of a country in various ways let it be economical or educational.

Net neutrality can be defined as unbiased, uncontrolled and unrestricted access to resources available online to a user with an internet connection. Net neutrality allows a user of internet to access any website or app or service without any restriction at their choice from any Internet Service Provider (ISPs) or Mobile Service Providers.

Recently in India debate on net neutrality started with Telecom Regulatory Authority of India’s (TRAI) interest in revising the norms for Indian Telecos providing Internet service to users. Telecos are the service providers providing Internet to the mobile users mainly and also others through data cards. To control the huge potential (of money) in the growing demand of internet usage especially mobile internet in India majority Telecos have come together with a request to stop net neutrality.

Telecos have come up with an argument in support of their demand of no net neutrality that they have invested huge sum (in thousands of crores) to build network infrastructure and providing hassle free service like phone, sms and high speed mobile data connection (3G or 4G). Because of On-The-Top (OTT) services like WhatsApp, Viber or Skype (to name a few are using network infrastructure built by Telecos and causing loss of their income as users are not using services like call or SMS and instead use OTT services. OTT services are threat to conventional calls and SMS and more people are moving towards such OTT services making Telecos to undergo huge loss as they have invested and investing on Network infrastructure and maintenance. The fruits of telecos investment are taken away by OTT service providers making huge profits with little or zero investment. So Telecos are proposing for no net neutrality and planning for new services similar to existing OTT services by themselves and don’t let other OTT service providers to take away their investment.

On other hand popular OTT services are ready to pay hefty amounts to Telcos and make sure that only their service are made available to users easily dominating the OTT service or App market. In such scenario only establishments ready to pay hefty amounts will win the race and others will definitely lose. Other side of the coin is users will be forced only to use such OTT sevices having good deal with Telecos.

Both Telecos and popular OTT services are making huge profits. But the actual losers are the end users, medium and low business establishments and entrepreneurs. Same scenario happened to the general public in case of Direct to Home (DTH) operators few years back. Users were forced to pay for separate packs and all packs were available only for substantially high price. Intelligently Telecos and popular OTTs are trying to bring similar situation even with Internet usage as it has huge potential making users not to have any choices except using the ones provided by Telecos and OTT service providers by paying extra money.

Some cons of No Net Neutrality:

  • Telecos can control the access speed of OTT services or App or websites which are not in deal with them and divert users to the ones having deal with them.
  • Telecos can charge for accessing OTT services based on their wish as it will be like offering extra service apart from regular Internet. Customer need to pay both for Internet and added service. 
  • OTTs can influence Telecos by paying hefty amounts to Telecos and make sure only their services are provided for free and with high speed to users.
  • Telecos can come up with new OTT services as similar to the existing ones and user will be forced to use such services.
  • Medium or low level establishments or entrepreneurs may lose or give up in race as they cannot pay hefty amounts to have a deal with telecos or to sustain without customers.

Internet has become and becoming part and parcel of our day to day life. Starting from the time we wake up to sleep and beyond. We are dependent on it from paying bills online to reserving travel tickets and many more at our convenience thorough Neutral Internet or Net Neutrality. By no net neutrality the healthy ecosystem of internet usage which still at growing stage in India will be definitely spoiled. Telecos are arguing they are in loss but they are not providing Internet service for free and charging high prices for a single Giga Byte (GB) of data and users are increasing for day usage by paying money. So no question arises about the loss to Telecos.

Internet is becoming inevitable and days are not so far that it will be added to our fundamental rights not only in India but all over the World. Concerned authorities should take the decision and make sure internet is available in neutral form to end users without any bias, control and restriction.

Sunday, 11 January 2015

Online Special Entry Ticket & Darshan at Tirumala Temple

With the recent introduction of online e-special entry darshan at Tirupati Tirumala temple, devotees need to book tickets online from temple website TTD Website. Tickets can be booked in fourteen days advance. It is quite simple and easy to book the tickets online. Combined with planned accommodation one can easily have darshan of Lord Venkatehswara or Balaji or Edukondalavada without much hassle in crowd especially if you are accompanying aged or children. I could visit Tirumala temple and could complete the darshan with in one hour including the time taken to receive Laddu at Laddu counters outside the temple.

Entrance to Tirumala hill

If you have online account in TTD Website, you can login to see the availability of tickets with slots available for darshan and book tickets or else you can create an account in few steps. Keep scanned copy your passport size photo and make sure that the picture size is less than 20KB (as TTD Website only allows pics of size less than 20KB).

Select the slot you like to have darshan based on your arrival time to Tirumala, please note that reporting time at Q counter for darshan is one hour before your actual darshan slot timing. So plan accordingly. A maximum of 6 members can only be booked on one ticket.

select the number of people and slot

Select the slot you like to have darshan, fill the details such name, address and importantly your ID card with number (don’t forget to carry the same id card as you enter in website as other id cards will not be allowed) Make sure that you have entered all the details correctly and proceed to payment. Internet banking is not allowed, you can book tickets only through credit or debit cards using any of the payment gateways available.

fill the name and other details

all persons photos will appear, you can proceed with payments further

Once the payment is successful (per person Rs. 300), you can print the ticket for the special entry darshan and the tickets will have the photographs of all the persons you have booked for that particular ticket. For children below 12 years tickets are not necessary. Take two copies of it as you have to give one at initial verification counter and the other at Laddu counters to get two laddus at free of cost per person.

free bus facility to commute from one place to other at Tirumala

you can take bus from bus stand to Vaikuntam Q complex free of cost

information center 

entrance of special darshan queue, it need not be same place. You can ask anyone present there, they will guide you.

Notice to wear traditional dress 

Don’t forget to wear traditional dress as sometimes the security at Gate may demand you to come in traditional dresses. I have seen people coming in normal pant and shirt also. But be prepared to enter in traditional dress as at last minute you cannot rush for traditional dresses.

Some suggestions:
  • Be on time near the Q – complex
  • Be sure about travel dates and time as tickets can not be cancelled or transferred or prepones or postponed
  • Don’t keep any electronic gadgets or pen drive or similar things which are not allowed inside temple premise and multi level checking are there
  • Keep bags in luggage rooms well in advance as huge Q may be there to deposit bags
  • Wear traditional dress
  • Use Andhra bank payment gateway if you are using maestro debit/credit cards

Sunday, 30 November 2014

WiFi Internet at Bangalore Railway Station

Life seems to be miserable without internet now a day with all gadgets surrounding us. Also, we can’t deny the fact that internet makes the life easier in all day to day activities from mobile recharge to purchasing grocery. To bridge the gap of waiting time for trains and to entertain passengers, railways has come with launching WiFi internet connections at railway stations. Initially the connection will be at selected stations and later to be extended in all stations and on trains.

RailTel, a government of India enterprise is providing broadband services at Railway station and also it is providing broadband internet services to the masses under the banner RailWire.

Anyone can register through this link providing mobile number. Automatic login screen pops as soon as it is connected to RailTel. If not open any link from browser.

I could experience the WiFi connection at Bangalore railway station on my phone. Connection speed is good. Registration and usage is simple and after 30 minutes free usage, recharge scratch cards has to be purchased from the WiFi help desk/counters at the cost of Rs. 35 per hour and Rs. 25 for half an hour. Additional usage cards can be purchased online itself.

Username and password will be provided through SMS

continue using Internet without any hassle for next 30 minutes free of cost

Friday, 3 October 2014

How to Open & Operate PPF account online through SBI Internet Banking

Public Provident Fund (PPF) account is the Tax Deduction at Source (TDS) and Income Tax exempted (under section 88 of IT Act) deposit scheme offered to general public. An individual in his/her own name or on behalf of a minor can open this account. Few nationalized banks, private sector banks and post office can open and maintain public provident fund accounts. But only few banks like State Bank of India (SBI) and ICICI banks offer facilities to open, maintain and operate PPF account through online banking. Don’t confuse Public Provident Fund (PPF) account with Employee Provident Fund (EPF) account, both are entirely different.

It is easy to open PPF account online through SBI Net banking. Once the application is made for PPF account online, visit the branch where you are having SB account with the printout of application of PPF account and a copy of identity proof and address proof as it is mandatory to have completed KYC for PPF accounts. Verifying documents bank will open the PPF account and issue separate passbook for PPF account.

from e-services tab, select New PPF account to get application form for PPF account. Default address of account will be taken same as your SB account address

take print out of submitted application form and submit it to the branch

you can view balance and other information of PPF account as you view other accounts

PPF account will be mapped in your SBI internet banking login within few hours. You can view and operate it online. You can transfer funds to PPF account using funds transfer to own account option from payments/transfer tab. 
You can transfer money to PPF account using Funds transfer to Own account option

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

How to see who likes your Facebook page

Having Facebook page for every event or brand is common now a days. But with the recent updates on Facebook page policy, it has become difficult to see who likes your Facebook page. It is not possible to easily see who likes your page from likes options as it only shows the count of number of people liking your people(as shown in picture).

Can't see who likes the page except the count of likes

Can't see who likes the page except the count of likes

To see who likes your page go to page likes on right side of screen you will see an option, Page Likes, click it and then select see all so that you can see all who likes your page. 

Can see all who likes your Facebook page

Even by this you can’t see all people liking your page as few set their privacy settings such that what they like will not be visible to others. If they are friends to you and if you login to Facebook page then you can see all who likes your page.