Engineering Graduates ending up with Management or Finance career

Engineering degree is the dream of our younger generation. Other jobs are losing attraction in front of engineering jobs especially the software jobs. Every year more than one lakh engineering graduates come out of our universities. Many find jobs as soon as they graduate and a few step towards higher studies. Almost all engineering graduates try to join the software industry and works in a condition not better than any skilled labor. Last year only twenty four Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. D.) degrees were awarded by Indian Universities in the field of computer science. In the higher studies, some students opt for specialization with a masters degree relevant to their under graduate engineering study and some for management course. The management course i.e. MBA can be taken up by any graduates but in a recent survey majority of engineering students are taking up management course. Why students dreaming of having career in engineering field are joining for management and finance course ending up with business analyst or economic analyst or finance analyst.

NASSCOM is repeatedly announcing its report on reducing quality of engineers produced by Indian Academia. One among three engineering graduates is not fit to be employable by any IT companies and lack the skills required for being engineers. The universities should include learning by doing approach than the entire course becoming just a bunch of technical subjects. Students coming out only with theoretical knowledge are not competent enough to apply the same to the practical problems of real world.

With no proper skills engineering graduates are finding it difficult to get into jobs and try their luck in other fields. Management or economics requires applying some statistical techniques which engineering graduates can actually do well than others without any difficulty. Applying already developed tools and techniques to the data and making inference out of data is the basic thing any analyst mainly and largely do. Non necessity of high level technical skills attracting many engineering graduates towards other fields.

Authorities should make stringent rules to improve the quality of graduates it produces. Situation is so worse that the graduates in a subject are not having even the basic knowledge of the subject making them to search for the jobs not requiring the skills or knowledge gained during graduation.

To become an economist or finance analyst or a business analyst engineering degree is not at all required. Candidates aiming at simplifying the lives of people taking up engineering course ending up with some other job are just a tragedy.


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