List of Highly Paid Indian Bloggers

India has quality writers and the recent passion is blogging. Indian bloggers pages are visited at least a minimum million times per day. Here is the list of top 10 bloggers who are highly paid by the Google AdSense with their websites and blog sites. The list is taken from a survey report conducted,

1) Amit Agarwal -

2) Amit Bhawani -

3) Harsh Agarwal -

4) Jaspal Singh -

5) Arun Prabhudesai -

6) Nirmal -

7) Lohit Langde -

8) Raul Bansal -

9) Honey Singh -

10) Srinivas Tamada -

These are the highly paid bloggers by AdSense and there are many who make their living through AdSense earnings. Few of the above mentioned websites also has valuable information on various things one can make use of.

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