Blogging Block

Writing blogs continuously from last three months has given little experience with blogging. Along with that, it is challenge to blog regularly keeping constant momentum. The frequency of writing blogs has to be in the same frequency in order to satisfy the readers with fresh topics and making the search engine bots to crawl the blog site constantly. Search engine bots will reduce the frequency of visiting the bog sites as the number of posts published gets reduced. In midst of other work and blogging daily is also a difficult task as it is challenging. Daily am competing with the search bots so that they visit my blog site regularly.

Teaching also needs extra effort, preparation to teach in class and teaching the same to students is not easy as it seems to be. To make class interesting few extra things has to be added while teaching. By the end of class, teachers will be exhausted physically at the same time they will be equally exhausted mentally and difficult to concentrate much on any other work. I am in same condition trying to sail on both boats.

To think about a new topic and writing blog about new topic daily is challenging and demanding. Blogs should not bug the readers it should be enjoyable. To keep readers interest in blog one has to write on tempting topics holding reader’s interest. Daily thinking on such topics creates a block to the blogger’s thinking. The case will be so worse that many times bloggers can’t even write more than a paragraph. Going through this phase, I searched on the same in search engine. There was a huge list on bloggers block symptoms and solutions. Now it was my turn to scratch head looking at the search results.

The best solution to come out of such block is to divert from blogging and concentrate on other things till one finds himself comfortable to write blog again. It is not so easy, other prime solution was to sleep and give complete rest to mind! Am blogging as a hobby but think about full time bloggers or pro-bloggers if they get the same block and can’t even write anything. My suggestion to those is to think and write on ‘Blogging Block’.


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