Why we need Doctors

I was looking at an online health care store which was launched recently. It has all the possible collection of electronic gadgets and instruments helping to know all the parameters of the human body. A wide range of products were being sold on huge discount that the list of recently sold items was getting updated for every minute.

A few instruments which I could make out from the store were blood sugar level testing device with minimal incision and accurate result display, digital thermometers, blood pressure checking box etc. There were so many models that they can be compared only with jewelry shop which will have many ornaments design.

These gadgets even had guide on maintaining normal levels of all parameters. Free guidance book on all symptoms of diseases, standard or ideal values of all parameters. One can cross check their own test results with standard values and diagnose disease based on guidelines in the gadgets user and guidance manual. The companies market their product creating a belief in buyer’s mind that gadgets are essential to be carried everywhere and should be incorporated as the part and parcel of life.

This is the story of electronic gadgets and on the other side there is a huge pile of books claiming to give information on health. Without any information on health, many of these books will have information on what kind of drugs to use to cure ourselves. If one looks at the publisher or sponsor of book it will be either companies manufacturing gadgets or the pharmaceutical companies.

Doctors instead of treating patients with their consoling words are acting as the agents of pharmaceuticals prescribing long list of medicines for simple fever. If everything was available on internet and books what is the necessity to have doctors and hospitals in the world? Doctors should keep patient’s belief on them. Patient – Doctor relationship is reduced to business, doctors are selling diseases.

All the medical sciences have proved that faith heals better than anything else and doctor’s common sense, experience and consoling tone plays major role in healing the diseases than the electronic gadgets and drugs.


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