Beware of Google AdSense misguides

Google AdSense is the sensible program offered by Google for online publishers. Most of the blogs are monetized with AdSense and receive payments per click and per impressions. Google AdSense is improving along with increase in number of bloggers, many tools are developed to help bloggers to use AdSense without any hassle. Little knowledge of internet usage and a bit of blog design is enough to make sense out of Google AdSense.

Google AdSense not only offers users to add advertisements to their site but it also provide AdSense for search, feeds, mobile and domain. Webmaster tools and search engine optimization tools are freely available for users. There is lot of useful content on Google AdSense available on internet providing help about its usage. Similarly, there are lot of misguides to Google AdSense.

Many websites claim that they provide useful information on Google AdSense’s publishing tools with an assurance of guaranteed returns just by investing an hour per day. Websites also publish few cheques and persons photo who have earned through their product within brief period of time. All these benefits are to be given to the users on payment of certain fixed amount. Actually Google offers all these for free which the website company offers for a fee.

Many websites even claim they have tie-ups with Google AdSense and helps users in getting AdSense account approved. For this also the websites charge fees as a standard practice in the name of only intension to help users. Google AdSense accounts will be approved by filing out necessary information in the AdSense application form and it takes few days to get approved. But officially Google AdSense doesn’t charge any fees.

Many websites also have offerings on getting traffic to your site which in turn increases AdSense earnings. Such offerings are false and never depend on them. Never rely on black hat techniques, they are strict violation of AdSense policies and may result in even disabling the AdSense account.

Try to post original writings and get ranking to your page in organic search methods or white hat techniques. Inorganic search methods and black hat techniques can help for one or two days but not always. Google AdSense offers everything for free, don’t fall prey to misguides.


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