Industrialization effects!

We have addicted to machines for everything and can’t live without them. We rely on machines for almost everything let it be washing cloths or writing blogs. Industrialization has helped our younger generation to get higher pay packages and especially IT companies are paying in huge packets such that each toddler attending the Montessori school is interested in becoming software professional. Other profession like teaching is the last option which our youth are looking for if they are sure of not getting any other job.

Careful and critical analysis of any industry reveals the fact that the industries are functioning mainly over utilizing freely available natural resources in its surrounding geographic areas. The land lords who sold the lands for the sake of making money are working as watch man or cleaners in such industries and also they have not paid proper compensation which the industries had promised for during the purchase of land. Industries have utilized many natural resources till they are extinct and no traces are left behind for their existence. No wonder in few years the mining companies will make deep pits on earth to look similar as that of other planet’s surface. It will be another man made wonder like that of Great Wall of China visible from other planets.

Frequent travelling of vehicles has made adverse effects on people’s health. People of heavy mining areas are suffering from lung cancer, respiratory diseases and asthma. The end-products of industries are getting mixed with ground water and surface water resulting in scarcity of drinking water. Majority of industry’s end-products can not be recycled.

We are not looking towards alternative sources of energy. Natural resources like coal, petroleum are getting exhausted on one side and the inventions are just pending for approvals on tables and are not getting approved and utilized for betterment of people’s lives by the lobby of industries on other side.

Industrialization is indirectly forcing our farmers to surrender their fertile lands, government is acting as middle men in delivering lands into the hands of industries. Our food production is already reduced greatly by the reduction of agricultural land and excessive use of fertilizers on top of it the fertile lands are taken away by the industries in the name of development. We will face scarcity of food in few years. Energy can be generated by alternative sources but there can be no alternative to food we eat. Hope the industries (mostly pharmaceutical and food products) will not come with the advice of having pills as an alternative to food.


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