Yahoo! Open Hack India 2011 and Karnataka Politics at hotel Lalit Ashok, Bangalore

Had registered for the Yahoo! Open Hack 2011 looking at a post on internet. The registration got confirmed and was invited to attend the Tech Talk to be held at hotel Lalit Ashok, Bangalore. I reached the venue on the time and proceeded for the registration. The introduction and the talks began quite well and the talks were really interesting. Many hacking teams were ready for the hacker’s session and without any other option they were listening to tech talks after that only the hacker’s event was supposed to start.

Tech talks started in three parallel sessions first by Praveen P N on developing high performance websites. The talk went well with a brief presentation. Some of the powerful tools on testing the performance of websites were presented. One among them is Web Page Test ( using which one can see how the website loads from different geographical locations. Adding high definition images for websites takes more time to get the page load, one thing can be done is compressing the image without losing the clarity of the picture or by lossless compression of the images. It not only saves the space on server but also improves the speed of websites getting loaded. He also spoke on including iframe codes on websites as it takes much time to load. Many of you might have seen in websites which have like buttons of facebook or twitter will get loaded slowly after all the content loaded on the page.

The nest session was on Accessibility challenges and Innovations by Srinivasu Chakravarthula of Yahoo Accessibility Lab. He spoke in a pleasing manner from the basic definition of disability. Disability doesn’t mean the physical disability it can be of a person’s inability of doing what he actually wants. The talk went well and he demonstrated how they are trying for making the life easier for people with disabilities. He also invited us to visit his lab and see the work going on by their team. After the session I got a chance to interact with him.

Hotel Lalit Ashok was not only the place of Yahoo Hacker’s event on 30th July 2011, it was also the place of happenings of Karnataka politics. Many elected members were residing in the hotel for their discussions with no symbols of giving it an end. Luckily the attendees of Yahoo event didn’t get disturbed by these political activities. By the time I was coming out, there were many media reporters waiting to report from Lalit Ashok with lot of curiosity and to cover the happenings lively.


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