Limiting ourselves over the Inter'Net'

Internet has become the part and parcel of everyday human life. Internet would be on the top of list if any organization conducts a survey on the wonders of modern world. Internet has become a magic tool to know about happenings in the world and even in our surroundings. Web 2.0 has severely changed the internet world and the things are moved so forward that marriages are not made in heaven they are made on internet. Getting children over internet is also gaining popularity as sperm banks, surrogate mothers, sperm donors and egg donors are easily available and websites are very well designed catering to the needs of different kind of people. Internet looks like the extra magical powers which our great ancestors (of Mahabharata and Ramayana) were believed to possess through which each one of them can know the happenings of far away places. We are addicting too much to the internet and wise usage of internet is necessary to escape from its side effects.

Internet is also harmful as an addiction. People addicted to internet will suffer from a disease called Internet Addiction Syndrome’. The disease will start from the symptoms of telling lies about the usage of internet or the hours we spent on the internet we spent on internet surfing. Recent survey has showed that regular usage of search engines has resulted in reduction of memory power. The movement we type few letters of word in search engine screen, it will give lot of options in a drop – down menu making users to select from the drop – down menu which in long run spoils the vocabulary power of a child or an adult.

Some of the commonly seen symptoms of internet addiction are depression, sleeplessness, unusual tensions, losing control over emotions etc. Problem doesn’t stop here itself; it can spoil the thinking capacity of an average human being. When everything is available on the internet what is the necessity to think over it wasting time, this kind of attitude definitely destroy the intellectual capability. Internet addiction can be seen in people of all age groups irrespective of male or female. Search results on the internet most of the times contains tempting information on dating hot girls, exposed pictures of film actress or even sometimes on exaggerated sexual inter course, these attracts the internet users making them to dig more information on such matters. Internet gives an opportunity to express any thinking or opinions without any bindings even hiding our identity, as a result information on everything even non – sense and tempting things can be published. One of the recent research proposals aimed at studying effects on children below age group fifteen watching porn was stopped as it was very difficult to get kids who had not watched porn under that age group! Innocent kids and youth have become prey of chat room culture and everything is openly discussed without any hesitation or shyness making them to spend more time on internet. At least few of us remember about a couple who were addicted to speaking over the phone and internet (through chat and social networking sites) to an extent that it was very difficult to lead them a normal life and live together facing each other speaking face to face.

Usage of internet has to be checked, we should restrict ourselves on internet. Wise usage of internet is essential to escape from its danger as every technology or discovery has two edges one is constructive and the other destructive but the wise usage of it lies with us. Use internet ‘constructively’ than unnecessarily without falling prey in the powerful ‘net’ (Internet)


  1. hi are you?? wht r u dng??..this is the first time i'm visiting ur i really loved it..i have spent almost half of my day browsing thru ur articles..urs r so simple, elegant and easily i'm able to connect myself with most of ur experiences...particulary tht "why i started blogging?" was so nice....currently i guess u will be teaching stff..i would be happy to know more abt u...keep up ur good work..

  2. Dear Thangavel,

    Thanks for your kind words. Am fine, currently taking classes for students. As I mentioned in that blog I have started a website which give information on education opportunities,