Knowing what people like to search on Google

Newbies to blogging will be confused on what to write about and will have a doubt in mind whether people will read their writings or not. It is very difficult to know what the readers like and if the readers likes is known it is easy to write a blog on that doing a small research on the topic. A few bloggers have found niche topics for writing their blogs but majority bloggers who are just planning to start will wander for what to write on.

For such beginners Google has very good tools to analyze user’s likings. User’s likings vary depending on time, demographic location, topics etc., these tools can be even used to see what users have searched over a definite period of time.

Google trends is the site which provides valuable information on user’s search. Using Google trends one can find out what the people have surfed using Google Search Engine. Google trends will show the topics in brief what the users have surfed over the internet and also the list will be updating often. Google trends website can be reached on

The top ten searches of USA can be found using the link and top ten searches information of India can be got at Using the statistics, one can find the hot topic for blogging or what people have searched. Google has regional search engine websites for China, Japan and many countries, that country’s top searches can be got by just adding the text /trends at the end of URL (example Also, if you enter any key word, a graph how many people have searched for that key word will be displayed. Similar to Google trends, Google Insights also provide statistics on what the users have searched all over the world.

Google insights can be used to find statistics on what users searched depending on time, day, date, country, state, topics such as arts, science, shopping or news etc., and even filters can be used to know about whether it was web search, image search and product search. Google insights can be reached at

Google trends and Google Insights sites not only helps for newbie bloggers to find out hot topics but also for a few who are curious and interested in knowing about what people have searched much on Google.


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