Idli, Orchid and Will Power by Mr V V Kamat

Along with Viaya Karnataka Kannada daily everyday there will be a four page supplement by name ‘Lavalavike’, it will have lot of news about places, persons, rituals, health tips, featured articles by eminent persons etc., Few months back ‘Lavalavike’ had an exclusive interview with great dreamer, entrepreneur Mr. Vittal Venkatesh Kamat, director of Kamat group of Hotels. A simple man with a spirit of trying out something new always. After going through the interview I was curious to know more about him and ordered the book ‘Idli, Orchid and Will Power’ from one of the online book store(Thanks to the E-Commerce revolution)

The book is simply superb. The way book is written will effortlessly take you from first page to last page. This book is a must read for those who want to be successful entrepreneurs, who want to grow overcoming challenges faced, using SWOT(Strength, Weakness, Opportunities, Threats) analysis technique to make a difference from other competitors. Being conned by his own brother, with an huge overhead of credits Mr. V. V. Kamat started all alone from scratch building Orchid group of hotels, which own the prestigious global awards for its eco-friendliness. It is one of the India's first fully Eco-Tel hotel aimed at minimizing the risk to nature.

I finish off this write up just by narrating one of the incidents how entrepreneurs should look at business and grow up using new ideas and techniques. One of restaurant of Kamat group was established on the highway side, the main challenge was to attract customers. To attract customers Mr Kamat used a simple technique and placed a mirror in the Ladies wash room so that the customers who comes to wash room will make up themselves and stay there for quite long time and also they like to come the next time while travelling via that route, this may look simple and filmy idea but it works out well as it’s a way to attract customers. I can challenge you can’t stop yourself laughing while reading some chapters in the book and also moistening your eyes in some chapters!


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