A good initiative by O'REILLY publishing house

O’REILLY is the technical publishing house which has published many books on cutting edge technologies. All the books on popular software, software tools, computer principles, Electronic Commerce are being published by O’Reilly. Safari Books Online is an On-demand digital library by O’Reilly which lets you search over thousands of reference books quickly. Apart from this one more initiative by the O’Reilly makes it different from other publishing houses.

Recently had ordered the book Using Joomla from Flipkart and it was shipped to my address within time. The cover page of the book was impressive as it has some bird sketch on it. I thought it may be the other way of attracting people towards books. After going through the book page by page, breaking head for developing a simple content management system using Joomla (as I was trying it for the first time) I was quite confident enough to install and use Joomla. I was flipping through the pages of book, found the name Colophon and read the content below that name. Then I came to know it is the description of image or sketch of bird found on cover page, felt happy to know about the bird, its diet and its breeding etc., Also felt bad to know about its sharp decrease in population.

Colophon on cover page of book Using Joomla

I was curious and looked at the other books published by O’Reilly, most of its books had bird sketch on cover page and its description inside book. It is a very nice idea to educate people about birds. Really a good initiative by O’Reilly, hope other publishers will also get inspired by this and provide some useful information on the cover pages.


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