Are we giving too much importance to Cricket?

World cup fever has slowly started to subside. Getting world cup after twenty eight years is a sensation of joy, proudness and a dream come true situation of many years. Thanks to all the players who made us proud by taking the Word Cup. May this is the last world cup of Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar, as Dhoni added to this as he is dedicating this world cup to Sachin. But one thing saddened me is are we giving too much importance to the cricket players neglecting all other sports players of be Hockey, Weight lifting or Athletics. After knowing the bumper bonanza announced by BCCI and the central minister for railways for the cricket players the thought came to my mind is why I didn’t become cricket player!!

BCCI has announced cash prize of rupees one crore to each player, apart from all the benefits they get from ICCI along with the trophy. This may be equivalent or more than the amount which BCCI offered. As the Srilankan team being runner up in the World Cup, ICCI offered rupees seven crore as prize to the entire team. Union Railways Minister of India announced free travel to these players for life time in the A. C. coach (Thank god as there is no instance of Cricket players travelling by train even by mistake). Chief Minister’s of one or two state have offered to give land to the players in their state remembering this memorable occasion. Basically Indian cricket players are on the top in getting highest revenue from the advertising companies may be in few days most of the players will tie up with the advertising companies for a bigger deal as we are World Cup Champions. Indian Cricket players will have handsome income this time which can be only calculated in crores or millions!

This is the story of world cup players. Do these Advertising companies, Central Government and State Government provides so many facilities to the medal winners of Olympic, Asian or Common Wealth Games? I am not able to recollect any one announcing offers neither the Governments nor the Advertising companies. Those who have won medals in the games are finding it difficult to get jobs and no facilities at all to practice. In Asian, Common Wealth or Olympic games you won’t find the same players in the subsequent games. Clarification may be good performers will be sent to games but the truth is those who have gone once and won medals are not getting any facilities to either practice for games or offers of job and similar facilities. They are the people who also make India proud but we don’t have remembrance of their achievement.

By this we can clearly make out we are neglecting all games except Cricket. National game of India Hockey is also slowly shading away from the memories of younger generation. Athletics have no value at all in front of cricket. Earlier small children used to play any village games but now everywhere cricket fever. If proper prominence is not given to other games, days are not so far where we can read about other games in the pages of history!


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