Having an unified curiculum over the Nation...

Every state in India have its own customs, religions, rituals and many more which is very difficulty to list also. Similar to all these rituals, customs and beliefs every state has its own curriculum for its students. Education has become a business and every state has schools which have syllabi of state, central and ICSE. Whatever may be the syllabus of the school are we able to generate the knowledge hunger among the students making them responsible citizens of tomorrow? How about having a unified curriculum for the entire nation?

Students of small age starting from six years old will get the best education if it’s given in the vernacular language. As the vernacular languages will be the local communicative languages students can easily get the feel and hold of the subject. If the education till the seventh standard is given in the vernacular language it helps in creating a strong foundation of the subjects and also creates an interest in the education. After that if we can have a unified curriculum it will have much benefits.

Some of the problems or challenges faced by the students of state syllabus in high school and at +2 level, the central syllabus is comparatively of higher standard than that of state syllabus. All the competitive entrance exams like IIT-JEE, AIEEE, AIPMT, and AIIMS will be based on central syllabus. It will be better to have unified syllabus. One astonishing fact to make you understand the gap between state and central syllabus is Trigonometry to the state syllabus starts in +1 o first year of Pre-University College which starts in high school itself in the Central syllabus.

Having unified syllabus from 8th standard will make students prepare well to create strong foundations of basic subjects like Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, Social-Science and also Languages. A qualified set of teachers can create awareness about knowledge, benefits and power of it. Education is the best investment which any country can believe in guaranteed returns.

It is best to have education in vernacular language till the class of 7th and later on having a unified syllabus all over the nation certainly helps.


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