Electronic Commerce (E-Commerce) revolution

Last one decade had brought lot of revolution in the life style of people; mainly advent of internet has changed the outlook of life. In general the mode of communication, collection of information (through search engines), reservation of tickets in trains, buses and flights, recharging of mobile phone and DTH currency, booking of hotels, paying utility bills, applying to various jobs and even admission procedures of educational institutions has undergone drastic changes. Everywhere everything has become online. Time is not so far where anyone wants to be a part of one or other online communities or social networking sites. A best example is the revolution caused by Facebook, Orkut and Twitter. Twitter has become so popular that all celebrities leave a Twitter message or update than a press meet as it is the best way to reach people.

E-Commerce in simple can be described as ‘Commerce aspects associated with Electronic Media or Technology’. In earlier days if you want to buy or sell any product you were supposed to go to market, describe your product, wait till any customer turns up and if customer turns up and if customer is satisfied by your product he or she will purchase after substantial amount of bargaining. But now technology has advanced the life, as in market you can buy or sell anything through internet. Even banking transaction on internet has become so simple that people avoid going to conventional banks and procedures. You may be astonished to know many of the Online Shopping centers operate from a small room rather than any big buildings!

As a revolution of E-Commerce you can buy or purchase anything with a few mouse clicks. Big Bazaar, one of the leading retail chains of India has started retail trading of products online so that you can buy any of your household needs of day to day life. You can now also purchase Mobile Phones, Books, and DVDs online and can be shipped to your address. An attracting feature of online book store is it provides much better discounts than any book store as there is no infrastructure cost involved with it, even if it is involved that is very negligible.

Online shopping marts provides much better discounts and flexibility in choosing what you want just by searching in the mart or store website(which is far better than searching for a simple object in the entire store building). Payment methods are also made simple; at the end of shopping you can pay your bills through Debit card, Credit card, Internet Banking using standard Payment Gateways such as CCAvenue or PayPal. Now some of online stores have provided an option to pay Cash On Delivery (C. O. D.) of products. 

E-Commerce was thought 'Not for me' few years ago but it has become 'Now for me'.


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