Addiction to Mobile Phones

Because of IT and electronic revolution mobile phones are becoming part and parcel of life. Life is no so far where we can’t even imagine our lives without mobile phones. At the same time are we getting too much attached to mobile phones? A recent survey conducted by an university says Yes. Too much attachment with mobile phone also leads to some of the psychological disorders and it can also b listed under top addictions as that of to alcohol, drugs etc.,

How to identify whether we are addicted to mobile phones? There are some simple identifications by which we can judge ourselves whether we are addicted to mobile o not?

  • Having mobile phones in your hands for hours together and you are not getting any calls or sms, whenever you feel this you will get a kind of boredom
  • Waiting that someone or the other will call you or message you and if any other mobile rings or beeps if you look at your mobile scree often
  • You are getting tensed if the person whom you are trying to call is switched off his or her mobile continuously or that person is not receiving your calls continuously
  • Getting angry if the person whom you are trying to call is rejecting your call because he or she may be busy
  • Not able to control your emotions
  • Are you confusing with the words having same pronunciation but different meaning?(Ex: Their and There)

If you are having any of the above mentioned symptoms then there are good chances that you are addicted to mobile phones. Like other disorders this also has many side effects such as anxiety, fear, negative thinking, too much stress etc., These are just the possibilities you may also end up in any kind of physical or psychological disorders, don’t neglect it. Prevention is always better than cure, if you think that you have addicted too much to mobile phones try to avoid that. Please remember once that our ancestors have lived centuries together without mobile phones, it will certainly reduce your dependency on mobile phones to an extent.


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