We are encouraging corruption!

We are only root cause of corruption, until and unless we stop encouraging it, there will not be any end. Suppose if any Government servant is not ready to do work, we will only bribe them asking them to work rather than opposing to it. For all, getting their work done is the more important. Any rule and regulation will not end corruption until and unless it comes in mind of common people. Recently two incidents I observed that encourages corruption.

Had been to Regional Transport Office (RTO) for checking the status of my Driving License as I didn’t get it for a long time after applying. Officials had told that the card will be dispatched to the residential address mentioned in the application form through Speed Post. But I didn’t get. Reaching the office I went to enquiry first, there they directed to the mailing section. I enquired there also they told to wait for a while as they search through the documents. In the mean while I saw a person standing near reception and I over heard the conversation between the person and person sitting in reception. Summary of their conversation was to issue a Driving License to the person who is actually failed in the driving test. The person who was standing was offering he will give Rs. 200, so that the Driving License is being issued to the person failed in test.

Another was in train. Train was full of reservation and no signs of any seats being vacant. A person without ticket got into the train and waited till the Ticket Checker (TC) comes for checking. When the TC arrived, the person without ticket gently approached him and told he will give extra money so that he should allocate him a reservation ticket. TC agreed instantly and allocated one of the seats which can be allocated by him, so the person without ticket got the ticket and did journey too.

These are just two instances, you might have come across similar circumstances. We are only encouraging corruption, we in mass should fight against it to remove it from the roots.


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