Code Name God by Dr Manilal Bhaumik

I usually like the articles which are written in news paper about popularizing science. Can’t miss the articles of few writers. One among them is the article appearing every Monday on Vijaya Karnataka written by H Sudheendra. He writes about one or the leading happenings, discoveries and personalities in science who are aiming and helping to make the life of the people happier. I much like this article for the simplicity with which Sudheendra writes the complex things to be understood easily by the common people and develop an interest towards science.

Couple of week’s back he wrote about Dr Manilal Bhaumik, a scientist who co-invented the LASIK technology that made the corrective eye surgery possible. Sudheendra wrote briefly about Dr Bhaumik’s life, his journey from Bengal to California in search of a livelihood, reaching heights of success through his hard work, having all the joy’s of life and during his helm of affairs at California he left everything to adapt Gandhian principles in life and about his book ‘Code Name God’. These things made me curious to know more about Dr Bhaumik. After reading the article I couldn’t stop ordering the book ‘Code Name God’ from one of the online book store and waited for its arrival.

Once you start reading the book you won’t feel like stopping till you reach the last page of book. Journey of Dr Bhaumik from mud of Bengal to California is really inspiring. Taking birth in a family of freedom fighters who devoted themselves fully into the cause of Indian freedom struggle following the great leader Mahatma Gandhi. Young Bhaumik had influence of Mahatma Gandhi at a very young age. He joined a village school and later went on passing M Sc in Physics from Calcutta University, where he had an influence with Dr Satyendranath Bose, a world famous scientist for his contribution of Bose-Einstein Statistics. Later joined IIT to pursue his Ph D and went USA for post doctoral studies at University of California Los Angeles (UCLA). After studies at UCLA Dr Bhaumik joined Xerox and then to Northrop Corporation, where he was pioneer in the invention of LASIK technology.

The book takes you with journey from Science to Spirituality how the author struggled himself to get out of the pull of Black hole to build a beautiful life. Dr Bhaumik has written the book with a sense of ‘Nirvana’ explaining each and everything with joy and contentment nowhere with the egoism and boosting himself. As the book deals with Science and Spirituality, the joy in reading the book cannot be got by reading reviews on the book. So I suggest you to read this kind of a book at least once in life.
After finishing reading the book you can feel that the layer between the science and spirituality is masked and you will see a new outlook and supreme spirituality in science. Sidney Sheldon has rightly said ‘This book may change your life’.


  1. Never heard of him before. Thanks.

  2. can you give me the free ebook link of code name god?