Hope everything will be fine!

Being in home all the time made me mad. Used to get very bad dreams and fear about the future what happens next. The problem has been solved at least temporarily. Tuition boom is up now as the students of +1 or first PUC have finished there exams and attending the vacation coaching classes of +2 or second PUC. I had studied the same subject few years back. Now I got the opportunity to teach two subjects in them to promoted first PUC students.

Somehow I got to know that tuition classes are going to be started at my native and went to the concerned coordinator for asking about the tutor job. Over a brief discussion we spoke about the subjects and my qualification. He discussed with one of his colleague and asked me to teach any subject of my choice. I said anything as am new to teach any of the subjects. They finally teach biology. The person in-charge responded positively, informing me to teach for the students coming to that tutorial.

I started teaching from last three days. Students are slowly responding and giving positive feedback compared to earlier. On the very first I went prepared for the subject well and started explaining the subject matter after giving a brief introduction about myself. After teaching for a while for about five minutes, I had a feeling that students did not understand anything out of what I am teaching. I asked them what is wrong. No response. I felt something is missing then I asked them what is wrong in local language Kannada. Polite answer came they are not understanding anything as they are new to listen someone teaching in English. Then I had no other option than teaching the subject in Kannada at least the concept leaving technical terms. I was new to such kind of teaching, slowly adjusted now to teach them concept first in Kannada and then using technical terms again in English. Meanwhile, I even had an offer to teach physics to same students and have accepted and started teaching. Am trying to make students understand concepts rather than memorizing derivations in physics

It is an entirely new field for me as am new to teaching and also to teach in Kannada. Also I need to prove myself in the next two months that l can teach students well, as am not an experienced and usual post graduate in any basic science. But my aim is to make students understand the concept better and start to like the subject rather than studying it only for the sake of marks. Still waiting to know how much payment I may receive for teaching two subjects. Hope everything will be fine!


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