Before you do investment in share markets and buying or selling your shares

Making money from share market is the much attracting slogan you see everywhere on internet, news paper, TV and sometimes on your mobile phone. Is it so easy to make money from share market? Don't invest in share market if you are a starter or you are planning to invest based on anyone's suggestion. Finally you are the one who is going to be in loss whether you listen to anyone or to any share broker. There is no shortcut in making money. Similarly in share market also if you buy good company share and keep it for long time, that will fetch good returns. Do not be panic, believe and invest in good companies. Surely you will be benefited.

Here are some of the techniques and tips before you start investing in share market

  • Buy good companies share and try to keep it as long as you can say for three or four years but be sure that you are regularly checking the progress of share value
  • Don't go by the market hype, usually that will be a trick used now a days to make loss to investors
  • Go by the past performance of the company and analyse how much relevant the company product is in the future perspective
  • Buy share associated with the companies which have close association with the day to day life such as soaps, detergents, tooth paste, textiles etc., This may sounds funny but you cant imagine your day without that
  • Be careful on investing in electronic gadgets company as the technology itself may change once in six months or a year
  • Don't go by the online survey reports or just by your agent's words
Be careful and invest keeping in mind above techniques and also experience teaches you a lot. Learn from experience once you start investing.

Happy investing!


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