Bhrantesha (Anjaneya) Temple of Shikaripura

One of the attracting and more people visiting place at Shikaripura is the Hucharaya (Hu-Cha-raya) Swamy Temple situated at the outskirts of Shikaripura town on Honnali (Ho-NAa-li) road. The temple is also called Bhrantesha (Bhran-Tesh-Aa) temple. Every year Car festival of the temple is celebrated on the day of Dhavanada (Dha-vana-da) hunnime (hun-ni-may) or Hanuma Jayanthi grandly followed by the Theppothsava (Tep-poth-sava) with burning of crackers. There is estimation that nearly three lakh people visit the temple every year during the festival.

Government of Karnataka has granted sufficient funds to renovate temple. Entrance of the temple is newly built and old temple building is renovated. Temple is also having an interesting history of many hundred years, but the sad thing is none of the published books or guides are available to give information on history of temple.

Newly built entrance of the Temple

Theppothsava will be performed in the Lake a few meters away from the temple building. The main attraction during this time is the burning of crackers

View of Lake in which the Theppothsava is performed

Temple also has Cars which will be puled on the day of festival one smaller and the other one bigger. One more astonishing fact is every year when the Car is pulled out of the room for the purpose of decorating for festival, there will be definite rainfall.

Image of the bigger car getting ready for the festival

Also, recently Government has taken up project to develop garden on the banks of Lake, construction of 42-foot Shiva idol in the garden adds beauty to it.

(PS: Shikaripura is in Shivamogga district of Karnataka and also famous as rice bowl of this region)

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