The fall of roadside 'Mango'ism

The main attraction of spring season is the leafless trees which shed their leaves to have all new green growth. Apart from this another attraction is the flowers of Mango tree which starts to bud in this season and slowly starts to grow up tender mango’s which are soar to taste and gives an immense pleasure in eating them. We being kids of around eight to ten years old used to have fun in eating them without the notice of parents!

Those days are awesome golden days, used to eat tender mangoes stealing from the neighbor gardens without the notice of gardener or the worker of it. Before going to garden in a group of 5 or 6, making arrangements to take off the mango and eat it. One used to bring salt, other chilli powder which tastes best than anything with mango and it’s not comparable to anything. This is story of eating in Gardens.

Road side Mango trees also used to have fruits of spring, we being taking the contract of those trees on our own used to guard them from morning to evening thinking some other people may take the charge of those trees. One fine day without notice of parents as I told before used to bring the usual ingredients to mix with the mango and eat.

Like this I used to spend my vacation jovially and also making it a point to go to Grand mother’s place, to have fun. Gone are the these old days of happiness, now the children will have fun on electronic gadgets more than the other games and also trend is changed in the name of Summer Camp or Summer Schools. Even the road side trees are cut for the cause of widening of roads without even knowing the necessity of these, while travelling on those roads where the trees used to stand from may be more than hundred years are just added to the pages of the history. I just felt it’s the fall of roadside ‘Mango’ism.

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  1. What a tragedy. I wonder if our grand kids will know the joy of birds chattering about in trees (not just crows but a wide variety)? I wonder what will mop up the carbon dioxide (and monoxide) because of more petrol guzzling cars from the atmosphere so that they have fresh air to breathe. What a legacy to leave them with. They will curse this generation of greedy and ignorant decision makers.