Overcoming 'Mobile Phone Addiction'

After posting the blog ‘mobile addiction’ yesterday, I thought for a long time what can be done to overcome mobile addiction. Like any other addiction ‘mobile addiction’ can also be overcame by self-control. Self control is the best way to overcome any addiction rather than switching to medicines and doctor. If at all it is not possible to control yourself, don’t hesitate to consult a good psychologist because this addiction also has same complications as that of alcohol, tobacco or smoking addiction.

A few tips to overcome mobile addiction by self-help are as follows, give a try:

  • Understand that mobile is to communicate and not for conversation. Keep mobile conversation short
  • Centuries together people have lived without mobile phones, try to understand it
  • Don’t send excessive messages or do unnecessary calls, before messaging or calling think for a while whether it is necessary to do that
  • Engage yourself in other works, don’t keep thinking about it. Keep yourself away from it
  • Try to keep mobile phone in loud or ringing mode if you have habit of looking at phone often, Develop attitude that if at all anyone messages or calls you can hear and no need of keeping an eye on it
  • If you have land line phone connection at home and given it to all as contact number, keep your mobile switched off when you are at home
  • Don’t chat for longtime in messages, it will be developed as habit and you can’t control it
  • Don’t think negatively if the person whom you are calling is not picking your call, think that he or she is busy when you had called up and will surely call you back once they are free

Try to follow these tips and get away from addiction rather than getting things complicated has someone wisely said ‘Prevention is better than cure’.


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