Why I started writing blogs?

I never had dreams of blogging. Completing my engineering studies in Computer Science from one of the reputed university and also joined for higher studies in another university. After spending a semester in the course I came to know that the course which am studying will not fetch me any fruits and also after finishing it wont be considered equivalent to post graduate degree in computer science, with much courage and determination I came out of that university and told to faculty members that am leaving and vacated from the hostel too.

In the mean while I started applying for various teaching posts at engineering colleges but none of them responded except a few with a suggestion to finish PG degree or no vacancy. Some colleges which had called for the interview will be usually situated in the North India, journey only would cost me around Rs. 2000 including travelling and staying in hotel taking a room for a day. So didn’t attend interviews which were too far.

I appeared for interviews at research institutes but the thing which saddened me was the posts which were meant to be filled by conducting interviews were already filled and the interviews were just name sake. After leaving the course I started asking for vacancy in any projects to one f the professor, he assured me to give the job and wait till the interview. I stayed there and worked for him doing every single thing at his office (without salary) finally the day of interview was announced and I was supposed to attend. On the previous day of interview he called up to inform that he wont be coming to office that day and spoke to me about interview also that I should attend and he will take me. Next day interviews went well, results were not announced and I also didn’t ask that professor anything as he said he will inform me. After that also I worked at his office for fifteen more days. He didn’t discuss anything about job. One fine day he called up in the morning and told me to get ready with the format of Appointment letter I was very happy and kept it ready leaving the space for name and project names. He came to office and took the format soft copy to type the name to give appointment order. I was happy thinking he may give me. But that was not the case. He had written some other person’s name and gave it to me to post it. I said ok and he told me to wait for another few days so that he can assign me some other job. I felt that my presence is not at all necessary and left from there wishing him bye…

Landed back at home and thinking what to do next? Whether to join again for studies or to search work? Was in dilemma. I spoke my mother and she told to continue my studies and told she will arrange for course fees as the fee is costlier. With a sigh of relief I started thinking to do Master’s degree and waiting for next academic year. Meanwhile I went to the local colleges in my home town which has numerous schools now of state, CBSE and ICSE syllabi, everywhere the response was no vacancy even though there were vacancies. But they offered me to teach on free basis. I was wondering if there are no vacancies why they want me to teach. Don’t know whether I would have accepted if the schools were near to my home but these schools are 12 kms away from my home. Daily travelling by bike cost me almost quarter liter of petrol calculating these things I decided not to go as free teacher and decided to write blogs.

During my studies as an undergraduate student I searched a lot for any scholarships are available to me, as mine is middle class family and brother is also studying I thought if I get some scholarship it will reduce burden on my parents but none of the websites gave any relevant information. I was got bugged by that and stopped searching for that. As am staying at home now I thought I will make a habit to start writing blogs giving information about various things. Am using the dial – up connection to connect to internet and post blogs. In the coming days am interested in writing how to go for any counseling, information on scholarships, information on entrance exams, some of my previous experiences, about places, fairs, technologies, topics related to computer science or whatever comes to my mind with a feeling that it will be useful to others etc.,

Recently I came to know that even revenue can be generated by using Google AdSense. When I searched for it, I came to know that I should have my own website to register for it, as I was searching I came across blogger website and registered for that. Now I have added Google AdSense to my blog page, I don’t know how much I may get from it, but my aim is to write anything that will be of helpful to people and to share myself…


  1. i find you very talented... i dono how perfect that will be, but post says you are a reponsible person and no matter what and why started to blog..
    at end of the day, they are words which has some meaning :) satisfaction,recognition and happiness.. that's all about blogging :)
    I enjoyed reading :)

  2. Hey Dude,

    Hope you are doing fine.

    To be honest , the reason why I'm following is for your self confidence.

    The kind of confidence you have had after your graduation, after leaving the job from your professor.

    I've been in the similar situations in my life, But not bold enough like you

    How your post graduate degree is going on?

    Thangavel R

    p.s:This is more like a message than a comment on your post. But there is no option to send messages!