Heartless cheaters and Sensitive helpers!

After posting blog on ‘Counselling for seat selection’ few of the incidents happened in the earlier years of Karnataka CET counseling just came into mind. Remembering one of them I felt bad how we human beings are, how we at least feel that we can cheat someone who are totally innocent and ignorant and also felt happy to know the helping nature of some kind hearted souls.

That was the day of seat selection counseling held at Bangalore, many students had come to attend counseling, to seek their luck. One among them was a girl from rural place of Karnataka. She had done her exams well and got god ranking in the CET exam too. Being confident of taking up seat in an engineering college, she came with her father somehow arranging the fees for counseling as the later fees can be taken as loan from bank. Thanks to government and banks for providing loans to students for studying professional courses. Coming back to the story, neither girl nor her father knew they need to take demand draft for prescribed amount before attending counseling. They just took the saved hard earned money and debits cam to Bangalore. Only after coming to Bangalore, near counseling center at Malleshwaram, they realized they should take Demand Draft in the name of CET authority. Girl and her father being totally ignorant of how to take demand draft, asked a person there who had friendly gesture to help them in getting demand draft. The person agreed to help and assuring girl and her father that he will back in sometime with D. D. Innocent village girl and her father waited till evening, but the person never returned. Only in evening they realized that they are cheated.

As girl and her father understood they are cheated by the person whom they believed and handed over the money, they started to cry and no-one could console them. Media persons who were there to report happenings at CET cell moved by their situation and gave wide coverage featuring father and girl. Within one hour more than hundred people called up to the media office expressing their interest in helping the cheated girl and father. One of the reporters gave his personal number as contact number as duo didn’t have mobile phone to be contacted. Many called up to the mobile number and assured of helping girl, one person even took the responsibility of taking care of all the expenses of girl till she completes her education. In no time, DD got prepared and girl went inside the counseling hall to select the seat of her choice with joy. Hope she will have a bright future.


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