How to know whether a website uses Joomla?

Joomla is the Content Management System or CMS in simple which is used to maintain websites. Using Content Management System it is easy to develop websites. It has lot of advantages, in any business application or running online stores, it definitely helps as online store contents has to be updated often. One of the key feature of Joomla is it is available free and you can also get support and complete information about Joomla on

If you are planning to start any online business or develop website which will have contents updating frequently, you can go for website development using Joomla. It is helpful for the end-users who own the website with little technical knowledge to easily manage the content of website without contacting to the actual developer for simple changes on the website.

To know which of the popular websites uses Joomla content management system you can just add ‘administrator’ at the end of the website domain name. Suppose you want to know about website just suffix administrator at the end of domain name( You will be directed to Login page which confirms that the website uses Joomla. Suppose the folder is password protected, then also you will get a message ‘password protected’ or ‘password protected folder’, which confirms that the website uses Joomla.


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