Never to buy books on learning softwares

To learn certain stuff you need hands on experience. All the things or techniques cannot be learned by reading textbooks. One of the best examples is learning any software. There will be numerous books available on the software, its specification, usability, applications, description of various options etc., but the fact is by the time the books are available in the market, the software will have some updates or changes in the version. This makes the book useless. What should be done to learn any software?

As a result of easy of access to internet, major reduction in download costs (many internet service providers have unlimited plans) and also speed of access many of the resource materials can be got on the internet easily. If you go to any of the popular search engine and type the name of software you want to learn you will get hundreds of results showing link to what you have searched.

Not only text materials now a lot of stuff is available in video format by which you can learn just by looking at the video. Many of the users worldwide who have used such software will discuss through many open forums about the various aspects of software starting from downloading software from freeware, installing to the uninstalling from your computer, such wonderful resources to technical problems are available on internet forums. If you have any problem with the software and if you post that on the related forum, there are 99.9% guarantee that your queries will be answered.

To add a personal note, I took a book on Content Management System to learn deigning Websites using it. I started reading the book and the entire book was having explanation of menus and buttons of software. No where it was mentioned clearly how to create databases and connecting links to the webpages. All pain in reading the book went in vain. Being determined to learn the software I started searching on internet, amazing contents I got which can even make you learn designing basic websites using content management system in one hour and I got video on how to design. I felt very happy and learnt the method of designing quickly and also firmly decided never to buy books on softwares!


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