Why this has happened to me?

Being outside the home from the last six years made me not to involve directly in the day to day life at native where my parents are staying. During my stay at home (I told about it in the older blog) slowly understanding present situation which has changed significantly over the few years. Father being retired from the service not yet settled with the pension benefits and the house is running on the salary of my mother. Don’t know what is the reason why my father’s pension is not settled? He is keep on telling that all are asking bribe in the office and related files of pension settlements are not at all being processed. We never asked anything about it in detail thinking he may feel bad.

Mother was casually speaking about making pickles and going to the marriage of cousin which is scheduled in the month of May as she is having vacation now. At the same time Milk Man came to give us milk, he usually comes late night after 10’o clock. My father told him lies that day before yesterday’s milk got spoiled because you come late and all similar things. After Milk Man’s departure Mother asked dad why did you lie?

I don’t understand why my father got angry and started shouting at my mother for mentioning about Milk Man. He told he is getting all troubles in life because of my mother and she will be pointing out or commenting out mistake in whatever he does. In anger he told Mobile phone on ground, which shattered into pieces. My mother was spell bound and didn’t speak a single word. Being a respectable teacher for nearly twenty years till today she teaches till today and show love towards children as their own kids. Tears rolled on her cheeks without a single word.

I didn’t speak anything to my dad or mother regarding whatever my dad did or spoke; I simply sat in the corner of the room thinking why the situation has become like this? My mother being a caring wife, mother and a teacher, perfectly balancing all the three caps. My memories just rolled back to the days when my mother used to take care of me and my brother all alone when my father was away doing a job in a far away town. My mother have done everything to keep us happy, in turn me being at home couldn't do anything instead of keeping my mouth shut helplessly, my eyes were moist and couldn’t dare to look at her.


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