Is this the reason for Breast Cancer?

Anything which is present on this Earth should obey the laws of nature if not; the existence of such units will be very unlikely. You might have seen all living organisms will undergo or will obey the rules of nature even at the minute level of cells. If there is any violation in these rules by the cells or the organisms, it will be against the nature of cells and nature will act on destruction of such organisms.

Any object or anything which is present parallel to the surface of the Earth at a certain height will undergo physical stress because of Earth’s gravitational force. In simple, if a stick is parallel to the surface of earth at a certain height will undergo physical stress by the Gravitational pull of Earth. If the balance is provided at one end to the stick, then the other end will undergo stress by the Gravitational pull and if the balance is provided at the center of the stick, then the stress will be there at the both ends of stick. If again some balance or strength is given against the Earth’s gravitational pull at the places of stress then the stick will undergo two kinds of forces, one is the stress which stick is undergoing because of Earth’s gravitational pull and the other is the force acted by the balance or strength on the stick against gravitational force. Now the stress will be transferred to the other area of the stick. The stress is negligible if the stick is thin, but it will be considerable more if the stick is considerably thick. This is the story of non-living things. What may be the case in living organisms?

Living organisms will also have a similar stress. In case of obsessed belly, the outer portion of the Belly is gently held if you are wearing pant or saree or any dress. If you are wearing tight pant or any dress tightly then also belly will have two kinds of stresses acting on Belly as explained above. This causes accumulation of cells at a single region leading to many diseases. Similarly in case of Breast or mammary glands in human beings, female mammary glands will be developed sufficiently to feed milk when a female gives birth to a child. The breast will also undergo same kind of stress effect by the Earth’s gravitational pull. If breast is tightly held by Bra then two kinds of forces will be acting on Breast, one is by the Earth’s gravitational pull and the other by the Bra against the Gravitational pull. It means Bra is holding the breast against the Gravitational force. These two kinds of forces acting on breast causes accumulation of cells or any wastes leads to formation of Cancer cells. In earlier days there was no report of cancer cells in breast as there was no forces acting against the Earth’s gravitational pull. But now it is observed in the Breast, this may be the clear effect of wearing tight bras.

The above theory is just the observation and needs sufficient support to prove this. Even wearing Bra may be the reason for Cancer causing cells, Chimpanzees and Gorillas also have similar anatomy as of human beings but there are no reported case of Breast cancer in them. May be am not aware of it. This is just the possibility or the hypothesis, anybody who is from medical back ground or working on these kinds of problems should give answer as am no where related to the medical field.


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